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Being Human UK Recap 3.04 “The Pack

George and Nina need some advice only another werewolf can give. Mitchell and Annie take their relationship to the next level, but Mitchell worries that he can’t escape his fate.

In a flashback to 15 years ago, McNair is loading up a camper van and the child inside it, a young Tom, complains that, “It hurts.” McNair encourages Tom to be brave, to remember how he and mum would tell Tom to be brave when they would go into the woods by themselves. Tom yells for his dad not to leave as McNair locks him in and runs off.

Back in the present, George and Nina take a walk through the woods trying to find the man they saw in the woods last month. That man was, of course, Tom, who is watching them from afar at the moment. He runs back to McNair (who still has the same blue camper van) and tells him that they’re back. Tom wants to talk to them, but McNair locks him back up in the van. George and Nina eventually find McNair and the bus and McNair denies seeing any young man in the woods, but Tom gives himself away by making noise in the van. George explains that he and Nina are werewolves, too and Nina says that they’re looking for someone who might be able to tell them if they’ve know any werewolves who’ve had pregnancies. McNair intimidates them away, but Nina leaves their information in case he hears something.

In the night, Tom pays Nina a visit and leaves a carving next to her bed. Mitchell, smelling a strange werewolf, attacks him and McNair arrives to defend his son as Annie yells for George and Nina. After breaking up the fight, Nina wants to patch Tom up, but McNair refuses to stay in the same room as a vampire. McNair and Mitchell throw insults at each other and McNair warns George against his roommate, telling him that vampires are rounding up werewolves for dog fights. Mitchell scoffs that those ended years ago. He demands to know who the other wolves are and what they’re doing there and as George fumbles over his words, Nina reveals that they’re pregnant. Annie freaks out with excitement and Mitchell gives George a brotherly hug. Nina takes Tom upstairs. As the four werewolves sit together, McNair explains that Tom was born a werewolf. And that the pregnancy was fine, even during the full moon. McNair explains that when the bones break, they mend stronger”¦ the “curse” makes you stronger. Noticing scars on Tom’s back, Nina asks what happened to Tom’s mom and McNair says she was killed by vampires.

The next morning, George makes breakfast as he talks about becoming a father. Mitchell wants to know what the wolves are doing here, he thinks it’s suspicious and noticed the way Tom was looking at Nina. George says that they really need them around, and their friends. When Nina brings Tom down, Mitchell lies and says he’s going in to work. Instead, he heads into the woods, heading for that blue van. He breaks the lock and looks around inside it.There’s garlic and a cross at the threshold, but somehow Mitchell can walk in. Mitchell finds an armory of stakes and vampire teeth and a serial killer-esque wall display, including clippings about the Box Tunnel. McNair is at home with Annie and wonders why a nice girl like her is with a vampire. Annie tells him off just before Mitchell comes home. As they go to make tea, McNair says “Lovely girl,” and Mitchell turns around and tells McNair not to talk to her. Mitchell wants to know what he’s doing there. If someone sent him. What his deal is. McNair says that Mitchell spilled his boy’s blood, so he’s going to spill some in return. Mitchell shows him the stake he found; mobile homes don’t count as homes, Mitchell reveals. Something to do with the gypsies, he suspects. Mitchell wants McNair gone. McNair explains that he’s stubborn, and he’s coming for Mitchell.

Nina and George take Tom to the hospital to run some basic tests on him. Nina asks Tom directly what happened to his mom. He explains that they used to live in a house, like normal people. Someone must have seen the parents change. The vampires went after them, like wolves after the three little pigs. His mom was slow because she was carrying him. They got her. Nina doesn’t think it’s healthy, just him and his dad and Tom says that’s why they’re looking for the pack. It’s like a family, he explains. Nina sends him off to get some X-rays. George thinks it makes sense, but Nina thinks it’s bullshit. She thinks McNair lied to him and tells George about the scratches on his back. She’s running some tests, which should tell whether he actually was born a werewolf or not.

Mitchell, fed up with and terrified of McNair, heads to Richard Hargreaves’ mansion for help. Hargreaves thinks that Mitchell’s there to apologize for the Adam debacle, but Mitchell is there about the dogfights; he says he has a dog for them. Hargreaves gets excited, thinking he means George and Nina, but Mitchell makes it clear that they are untouchable. He explains where to find McNair and adds “the kid” to the off limits list, too. Really, Mitchell? Could you be more naive? I could see where this was going as soon as you stepped in the door. Meanwhile, McNair is making plans of his own. He and Tom are trying to fix the van to move on after tomorrow night. Tom is upset, though, he wants to know how they’re supposed to find a pack if they don’t give anyone a chance. McNair says their pack wouldn’t live with a vampire. They’ll get the results tomorrow and then move on. Besides, “George and Nina aren’t going to like us after we kill their friend.”

George and McNair talk as they wait for Tom’s results. George asks who McNair was before all this and the older man says he was wild, a danger before Tom. He asks if George would prefer a boy or girl. George says a boy and McNair says it’s not easier once girls get in the picture. Especially this time of month. Slightly nervous, George goes to see about Nina. Nina is in with Tom and Tom wants Nina to know how he feels about her– he loves her. In an awkward segue, Nina informs Tom that he matches someone in a missing persons file. He wasn’t born a wolf. The police found his mother and father in the woods, attacked by an animal. Their baby was never found. Police assumed he was dead. Tom runs out of the room and grabs McNair by the throat, demanding to know the truth. McNair reveals that he caused the scratches on his back. He didn’t remember killing the parents. He came back the next day and found Tom, still alive. What was he supposed to do? Tom asks about the pack. “It’s just me and you,” McNair confesses. He tries to explain himself, but Tom doesn’t want to hear it. McNair walks away. Later on, as Tom cleans his stuff out of the van, Nina apologizes for telling him the way she did. He gives her a carved figure, for the baby. Nina thanks him: “If I still have a baby after tonight.” They make plans for changing that night as they are surrounded by vampires with chains.

In the B-plot, Annie and Mitchell, having finally confessed their love for each other, are trying to find ways to have a normal relationship. Namely, Annie wants to have something resembling intimate times. She starts with kissing, which just tickles, and moves on to dirty talk, which Mitchell just isn’t into. Annie gets another idea, though, and takes Mitchell to a bar. She wants him to pick up a girl and get off with her as Annie feels it through him (similar to how she can taste through touch). They bring the girl home (and clean her up after she vomits. Nice). After a brief encounter with George where they finally admit they’re a couple, to George’s delight, they head upstairs with the bar girl, Sadie. As Sadie and Mitchell get intimate, Annie tries to position herself in the mix, but Mitchell finds himself getting a little too excited and the teeth come out. Sadie freaks out and Mitchell yells at her to leave. The next day, Mitchell explains to Annie that sex isn’t about intimacy and love for him. It’s a weapon, just the blood. He tells her that they can having something better than that. That she gives him a reason to take control over his life again, break free from the hundred years of being held in control by his hunger. Fresh off the feeling of taking charge of his fate, Mitchell calls Richard to tell him that the deal is off, but it’s too late. McNair bursts through the door, wanting revenge for Tom being gone. Mitchell asks where they went and they find the wrecked campsite. Mitchell asks where the dogfights are, and McNair says he already knows. McNair heads off and Mitchell hands him a stake.

At the ring, Tom, George, and Nina are thrown into the cage. George protests that she’s pregnant, but the vampires just mock him, and even before they begin to transform, Nina doubles over in pain because of the baby. Tom comes over and says that, if they want, he’ll kill George and Nina can kill him before they change, he won’t fight back. As they stand up, Tom says, “He’s here.” McNair stakes one vamp and then announces that, in three minutes, he’s going to kill every vampire in that room. Annie gets the keys as McNair and Mitchell rampage the vampires. Annie opens the cage and helps Nina out of there. As McNair transforms, Hargreaves grabs the stake and goes to kill McNair. Mitchell stops him and starts fighting with him as Richard is trying to leave.  The McNairWolf comes into the room, sniffs Mitchell, but leaves him alone to go for Richard. Mitchell and Annie lock themselves in the cage as Tom, McNair, George, and Nina transform outside.The wolves go for the cage as Annie and Mitchell wait it out.

The next morning, George and Nina cuddle on the couch and Annie makes tea for Tom and McNair. Nina wonders why they didn’t all tear each other apart and Annie explains that after the initial craze, George padded around Nina, protectively, and Tom and McNair wrestled with each other. McNair thanks them for their hospitality and he and Tom go to leave. Mitchell asks if they’re square. McNair says they are, but he’ll still get his someday.

In a hospital, a mental patient is brought in, raving. It’s Herrick.

McNair’s morality is an interesting thing. He definitely has his own code of ethics. He won’t curse in front of ladies and admonishes Tom that “we don’t judge women by their looks,” but confides to George what kind of person he was before Tom. His guilt has led him to create this world for Tom, a world of packs and special connections and a happy mother and father. He’s even made a bogeyman in the form of vampires. I’m sure vampires had done something terrible to McNair along the way, but McNair instilled such a fear in Tom by telling him that vampires had killed his mother. Why? Interestingly, it is McNair, the liar, who rails against Mitchell, not Tom, the impressionable son.

Mitchell rails against something he fears, as well: fate. After seeing letters spelling out “wolf-shaped bullet,” he rails against Annie as she opines that it was fate that brought them together. He tells her that you have to make things happen, or not happen. He doesn’t make his confrontation with McNair happen, though, and even though they end square, McNair just happens to reference a gunshot when warning Mitchell that the vampire will get what’s coming to him eventually. Fate? Or something else?

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