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Recap: Being Human UK, 3.05 “The Longest Day”

He’s baaa-acck. Herrick, that is. And after George finds him in the psych ward, George and Nina take him in to keep them all from being exposed. Mitchell’s not too pleased with that decision, though.

This episode is a bit all over the place (especially with the social worker plot), but a few really important things go down, so we’ll be cutting to the chase quickly.

George is hanging out in the psych ward of the hospital one day (why? who knows?) and notices someone who looks a helluva lot like Herrick. A quick glimpse at a security mirror with no reflection confirms it: Herrick is alive, crazy, and standing right in front of George. He calls Nina (who was previously showing Annie an ultrasound – wolf fetus is still alive!), who makes a quick decision to get a very confused Herrick out of there, claiming he’s her Uncle Billy.

When they bring Herrick home, Mitchell wants to do the sensible thing and stake Herrick, so he breaks a chair leg off and starts chasing the confused vampire. Annie and Nina plead with George to do something to stop Mitchell, but George stands still. Nina finally pulls Mitchell off Herrick as the doorbell rings. Annie looks out the window and guesses by the looks of the woman that it’s social services and George tells Mitchell to be normal as George answers the door. The case worker is a bit scattered as she talks with Nina. During pretty much any time in the episode until I mention her again, just assume she’s being scattered and completely oblivious to what’s going on. Because that’s what’s happening. I think she must spend three hours wandering around this house.

Upstairs, as Herrick lays in the tub, George talks to Mitchell. He’s worried that it’s all going to happen again and doesn’t understand why the vampire that he tore to shreds with his werewolf teeth is in his house. Mitchell has no clue and just wants to get rid of Herrick. He thinks that the whole amnesia thing is a ruse. As Herrick passes by a mirror, he sees his lack of reflection and screams. Nina runs upstairs to comfort him and explains that it’s a trick mirror to calm him down. She tells him about the case worker and he suggests that he should tell her about “the dark one” attacking him. Nina asks him not to and he wonders if it would get her in trouble. He says he won’t tell her, for her sake. Uncle Billy Herrick is getting very attached to Nina. This won’t make things complicated at all.

As the case worker entertains herself downstairs, the doorbell rings. Since the three visible people in the house apparently can’t hear it, the case worker answers it herself. It’s Cara. Remember Cara? Crazy Welsh vampire we last saw bleeding herself out to bring Herrick back? Yep, that Cara. And she’s still completely insane. Annie screams for Mitchell, but the caseworker invites Cara in before Mitchell can get down there. Mitchell puts on a smiley face and explains that she’s a raver who’s going to crash there between festivals. Seems legit.

Nina and George take some time out (because it’s not like they have a case worker downstairs that they’re trying to make think everything is completely normal) to have a conversation about how Nina isn’t comfortable with George being okay with Mitchell’s plan to kill Herrick. George says he knows she won’t understand, but Herrick is dangerous. Nina brings up the baby card. Oh, and Herrick has totally overheard all this.

Cara and Mitchell have their own heart to heart. Of course, she’s looking for Herrick, but has no idea he’s there. She’s come to find Mitchell so that Mitchell can help her find Herrick and make him right again. Mitchell confesses the “wolf-shaped bullet” prophecy and demands to know how she brought Herrick back. She says she’ll tell him after they make Herrick right. Annie pops down, reminding Mitchell about that pesky case worker, and Annie babysits Cara long enough for Cara to give some exposition. Cara explains how Herrick made her, so romantically, out by the bins. Herrick said that she was his “bride and glory.” Annie says they do have stuff in common. Her fiance killed her, too. Cara says he didn’t kill her, he made her part of the master race. Annie accidentally reveals that he’s upstairs. Cara rushes past her and runs up to get him. Mitchell runs after her. Herrick backs away from her and hides behind Nina. He says he wants her gone, that she’s done disgusting things to him (in the psych ward, he was babbling about a woman trying to make him drink blood). Cara implores him to remember and he walks toward her slowly, but instead of recognition, Herrick calls her an obscene bitch. Cara says she’s nothing without him and he confirms that she’s nothing and pours salt on the wound, telling her “Don’t you look ugly when you’re crying?” Mitchell leads her out, but she runs back, grabs a wooden knitting needle and runs, staking herself instead of him. As the dust settles, the case worker finds them all.

Annie finds Mitchell with the trash and wants to know what he so wanted to talk to Cara about. Mitchell yells at her, saying she can’t have all of him. He’s cruel to her, tells her that it’s just not going to work. She heads back in and cries, messing with the electricity, adding to the completely normal atmosphere of the house.

The case worker finally gets to interview Uncle Billy and she asks if he feels happy and safe there. He holds Nina’s hand and says of course. He says he’d like to stay, just the five of them. Annie shakes her head at him. Herrick catches on and says he meant the case worker, she’s his friend. She says that’s sweet and asks to speak to Nina one on one. George takes Herrick upstairs and thanks him for not saying anything.

The case worker has some concerns (gee, really) and as she tries to look up the file on her computer, she says there’s no previous record of him in the system. She says that she’ll have to call someone and Nina says she will, too: the case worker’s manager. Nina kicks up a fuss to distract from the fact that, oh, there’s no previous record. How dare she delete the record after showing up late and talking bollocks. Nina promises to unleash a shit storm on poor case worker Wendy.

Upstairs, Herrick asks George if he had done anything to the younger man. George tells him to stop, he must remember, but Herrick says he doesn’t. George shows him his Star of David but Herrick isn’t affected. He’s not an anti-Semite, gosh!

Wendy confides in Nina that she’s not coping well as her manager calls again. Nina says they’ll just write it up and pretend nothing ever happened.

Herrick asks George again what he did. And if George did something to him. Herrick apologizes. He congratulates George on being a father. Herrick tells him to have more faith in himself – he’ll be a good father. It’s so creepy to see Herrick being so nice, but it reminds you what a great actor he is.

Nina stops Mitchell in the hall after the case worker leaves and tells him that she doesn’t agree to executing Herrick. Mitchell tells her that Herrick will annihilate her, George and the baby once he remembers who he is. Nina says she thinks that there’s a poison in Mitchell that’s always been there and always will be and Mitchell realizes that Nina is going to be the bullet. He says he doesn’t need her permission and runs upstairs, but George stops him, pointing a cane at Mitchell’s heart. Mitchell says he won’t do it. Mitchell calls him a fucking dog and tells him to get out of the way. George backs him into a room and yells that he never wanted to be a killer. He did it for them before and he’s doing it for them now. Herrick doesn’t remember; he’s ordinary, George protests. Mitchell says George has no idea what it’s costing him, but won’t tell him what it is. George says he has to stop Mitchell because he can’t stop himself.

Herrick watches a train set go around as Annie comes in. Herrick says she really intrigues him.

George says that Mitchell is his best friend, but he will erase him from his life if he doesn’t stop being so quick to murder. Mitchell breathes deeply. George heads downstairs to see Nina.

Herrick stalks around Annie and wonders why the “idiot woman” couldn’t see her. Annie says the woman was nice. Herrick says she doesn’t fit in. She’s peripheral. He wants to know how she does it. He asks what she is. Annie says she’s onto him, that’s what she is. Annie runs to Mitchell and says she’s not doing the crying thing and doesn’t really want to talk to him. Mitchell tells her that George won’t be his friend if he stakes Herrick and he feels like he’s losing his mind. Annie says she’ll do it. She thinks he does know who he is. Mitchell tells her to just not go near him. Mitchell will manage him, they just have to make sure he doesn’t feed.

Herrick watches his train set again and then feels a loose board in the floor.

Annie wants Mitchell to let go of her hand. He says he said things he didn’t mean. He said it because he was scared. They’re for eternity and that’s terrifying. But he doesn’t want to live without her. He can’t. He cries and she hugs him, but she feels uneasy about it. Nina takes Herrick some tea and he says he found something that she should see. He shows her the scrapbook and asks who would do such a thing. Nina says they have to leave as she thinks about how Mitchell didn’t want anyone coming up there. Herrick says they must be careful – they’re the only ones who see what kind of man he is. Nina staggers downstairs, backing away from Mitchell, claiming she feels sick. Mitchell calls for George. Nina collapses and throws up on the stairs. Annie helps her to the bathroom and she takes another look at Mitchell before heading in. Mitchell stops George and tells him “I choose you.”

Later that night, Nina watches as the three original roomies make dinner and then she runs out of the house. She goes down the street and makes a phone call. George comes out to the empty living room and finds Nina returning outside. She says she needed some air.

Mitchell heads back upstairs with a stake in his pocket. He visits Herrick and sits down in front of him. He says if this amnesia were a bluff, he’d be cracking by now. Mitchell tells Herrick who he is and says that he wants to know how he came back. He’ll make him tell everything. We hear Nina’s phone call – she called the anon boxcar line. Told them to come to Barry Island, talk to John Mitchell. Herrick looks out the window and says it’ll be the most beautiful day.

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