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Bring Back Baker Street

2012 is a harbinger of so many things– part one of The Hobbit, the beginning of my graduate school education (hopefully), Joss Whedon’s The Avengers, and, of course, the end of the world. I could do without that last bit, but if it has to happen it damn well better be after I watch the second season of the BBC’s Sherlock.

Do you remember that time that your friend told you to watch something and you were all like, meh, and then you watched it and all you could say for the next five minutes was nnnghh? Well, replace “friend” with “someone’s tumblr” and you’ll get both an approximate image of my reaction to this fine piece of filmmaking and a peek into my lack of anything resembling a social life!

Created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, both of whom were heavily involved in the revival of Dr. Who, Sherlock is a modern-day adaptation of Conan Doyle’s beloved series. Depending on who you are, the concept probably sounds either dull and unnecessary, or terribly exciting. Since I had no previous exposure to Sherlockian adaptations and was thus unconcerned with how this one would measure up, I was predisposed to find it exciting. I know several diehard Sherlockians– okay, okay, through tumblr– who avoided Sherlock for that very reason. But they succumbed eventually. They all do. And now, in the grand tradition of listicles, I present you with the six reasons why you will, too.

1. Benedict Cumberbatch

Because only people with odd names are allowed to play the oddly-named Sherlock Holmes. He is the sexiest male-bodied human in the known universe– well, at least in our end of the galaxy. His Sherlock is a manic, easily bored high-tech introvert with sociopathic tendencies who appears to spend much of his offscreen time talking to a skull.

2. It’s on instant Netflix

You could be watching him right now.

3. It’s only three episodes

Won’t completely take over your life. Besides, even if you hate it, you won’t have wasted that much time.

4. Martin Freeman

Plays John “cuddly jumpers” Watson. Appears to be made entirely out of kittens. He’s the only person alive who can stand being with Sherlock, so of course they live together. Of course. *cough* SLASH *cough*.

5. The cinematography

Manages to pair crisp close-ups with beautifully cut tracking shots and doesn’t even break a sweat. And look out for how the series handles texting– it’s brilliant.

6. The cast

Everyone was sexy and all was well. In addition to the two leads, watch for Mark Gatiss, Rupert Graves, and Andrew Scott (but don’t look up who they’re playing– spoilers). The ladies– Una Stubbs and Loo Brealey, especially– have regretfully tiny parts but play them for all they’re worth.

That’s my only big complaint. More screentime for the ladies, please!


Have you seen Sherlock? What are you looking forward to before the end of the world?

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