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My kids are supposed to be away this week– they had a four night reservation at Camp Grandma this week. As it turned out, one got sick, and since it’s a three hour drive, they weren’t able to go. We’ve rescheduled for a long weekend later this month, and while they were crushed tonight when I told them they weren’t going, they are now counting down “16 more sleeps” until they get to go.It’s a lot of fun for them to go to Camp Grandma- my parents have a Wii, an endless supply of ice cream and a huge backyard with a sand table and sprinkler. What more could a kid want? What? Field trips to a train museum, the beach, the children’s museum, and a fast-food playland? They have all of those things too.

Camp Grandma is typically open for a few weekends and limited weekday stays throughout the year. All that’s required to make a reservation is an agreement to adhere to The Rules.

My parents have a a few rules about Camp Grandma, the first one being they get to set the time limit. There’s no me calling and asking for a two week reservation. When the kids were younger, two nights was enough. Last summer, they agreed to four nights and it went swimmingly well.

The second rule is, no communication. We don’t usually get to talk to the kids on the phone. My mom’s philosophy is that if they are happy, why bring our separation up? I have to say, I totally understand, but it sometimes makes me a little sad. Not sad enough not get away for a few days, but really glad to hear their little voices when we walk in the door.

The last rule? My parents can do whatever they want with the kids. Feed them hot dogs for breakfast? Check. Let them play hours of Wii instead of an hour? Check.

I’m only kidding with the last rule– I mean, those things happen, but it’s nothing bad or even questionable. Of course they are going to do fun and adventurous things, they are at Camp Grandma! Everyone has a great time, and they are building a relationship with their grandparents, which I love to see.

Who did you visit as a child? Who do your children like to visit?

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I do like the last rule, although I know you are saying “whatever they want” loosely. When there aren’t a bunch of imposed rules, and kids can “get away with” a little bit more than with their parents I kind of think it helps to keep the grandparent relationship special.

I look at myself compared to some of my cousins. My mom trusted my grandparents to take care of me and to be reasonable with their spoiling me when I was with them. My aunt and uncle have young children now, and insist on the same rules as at home, and micromanage the food they will be eating and what they will be doing when they are with my grandparents. It’s definitely a very different relationship than I had with them, and I kind of feel bad that they are missing out. They don’t get to do things like bake with my grandma, or paint the bathroom tiles with tempera paint.

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