DIY: Chevron Madness

I have been obsessing over chevron patterns for the past couple of months, but other than pinning pillows I like over on Pinterest, I just couldn’t figure out a way to incorporate the sassy zigzags into my house without adding more furniture. Enter the Seussically-coloured armoire in need of a makeover (previously a bright purple with grey/blue framing), and its makeover back to white and a terrible attempt at glazing (I wanted to give it that “antiqued” look, but it went soooooo wrong!). Needless to say, I won’t subject your poor doe eyes to that atrocity, but instead regale you with my three-day, 8-hour endeavor into the chevron armoire makeover!

Calculator and ruler ““ check! I measured and drew on this grid. After starting to tape the first half of the chevrons my arms got tired. I was also about 5 hours into this project and there was a lot of bashing in of walls upstairs, but the noise stopped, so I thought it might be safe to go upstairs.

The next day. House intact, no large holes in walls upstairs, but new wiring for entrance inside light going well, phew! Finish chevron taping.

Now on day 3. Paint in the lines my pretty silver chevrons. Silver paint from dollar store. Paint two coats, wait about an hour.

Taking off the tape while it was still damp, I got some pretty clean lines. In some areas small amounts of silver paint peeled off, but those were easily touched up. Now that the paint is cured that silver paint is not going anywhere.

I may still have my grid in these pictures, but I used a white eraser and scrubbed all those marks off. I really like how it turned out. It’s still simple and elegant, not too busy as I feared. I wouldn’t want it to become a circus!

Step 1 in my basement spare bedroom decorating mission completed! Step 2? Painting the brass bedframe we found at a garage sale last weekend a delightful and happy peacock blue. Next step after that, finding a bed.

It has been a busy summer of home projects, and furniture makeovers. Currently our shed holds these projects: four antique doors, two chairs to be reupholstered, one bedframe, one frame”¦ and I’m sure there is more.

Do you have DIY fever? Chevron fever? Taking on too many projects? Busy upcycling, crafting, or addicted to Pinterest? Tell!

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