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Four Procedural TV Dramas to Watch

Taking a tiny break from Bones recapping this week, I thought I’d show some love for other Quirky Procedurals with Awesome Women. Or QPAWs, an acronym I just made up.


(3 Seasons in; Season 4 starting September 19, 2011 on ABC)
The Basic Idea: Crime novelist Richard Castle uses his friendship with the Mayor to get him a sweet gig shadowing the NYPD. He’s assigned to Detective Kate Beckett and she’s not too thrilled about it. Beckett and her fellow officers eventually come to realize that Castle’s novelist brain can actually be a help to them. Doesn’t help that he is ruggedly handsome, either.
Women to Watch: Kate Beckett, of course, but Meghan Williams goes on about her more in 5 Butt-Kicking Brunettes on Television. Castle’s surrounded by strong women in his personal life, too, in the form of his mother, Martha, and daughter, Alexis. Far from token women to get put into danger, Martha and Alexis are Castle’s confidants, counselors, and conscience. And they’re both pretty darn fierce.


(3 Seasons in; Season 4 starting September 23, 2011 on FOX)
The Basic Idea: While this show is usually classified as sci-fi, it’s straight-up procedural most of the time. Olivia Dunham investigates cases for the Fringe Division with the help of Peter Bishop and his father, Walter. The Fringe Division takes on the strangest, most unexplainable cases, which almost always come back to Walter’s earlier research or his old friend William Bell’s company, Massive Dymanic.
Women to Watch: Olivia Dunham, who kicks ass and takes names no matter what universe she’s in (what now? I didn’t say anything… just watch the show). Nina Sharp, CEO of Massive Dynamic, who switches quickly between friend and foe, but always seems to be three steps ahead of either side.
More: Our own Nichole Wilson started recapping Fringe mid-season 3.


(5 Seasons in; Season 6 starting October 2, 2011 on Showtime)
The Basic Idea: Mild-mannered Dexter Morgan is a forensic blood-spatter analyst by day and vigilante killer of serial killers by night. Luci highlighted Dexter in her list of Top Ten TV Series on Netflix Instant.
Women to Watch: Debra Morgan, the best foul-mouthed detective in the world and adoptive sister to Dexter. While she’s occasionally put in the damsel-in-distress place, it’s how she rebounds from horrific events that makes her a strong, well-written character. Lt. Maria LaGuerta, who manages to be an assertive leader without forsaking any femininity.

Covert Affairs

(1 Season in; Season 2 currently airing on USA)
The Basic Idea: Annie Walker, a CIA trainee, is picked to jump up to a full on CIA job, whether she’s ready for it or not.
Women to Watch: Annie Walker, who gets herself into trouble doing the right thing just as much as she gets herself out of it. Joan Campbell, senior officer in the CIA, who some times appears as a stereotypical ball-buster, has hidden depths.

And those are just my current favorites. What would you recommend? I’ve heard Suits is amazing, but haven’t started watching yet.

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I love me some Dexter – well, Debra, actually. I love how she doesn’t filter, she is so smart, and when she knows she is right she finds a way to prove it, even when everyone tells her she is wrong. The only thing I do not like about her character is the way she lets those closest to her play on her insecurities. But the uncensored ‘swearing like a tucker’ more than makes up for it when it comes to my viewing pleasure.

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