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Funtime Open Thread: Dream a Little Dream

I’ve been having some truly crazy dreams lately– long detailed sagas that have me waking up wishing I could go back for more.

Inspired by all the subconscious strangeness, I noodled around Dream Moods and culled some dream symbols I found interesting.  Can you guess what it means when you dream about:

  1. Cats?
  2. Bleeding?
  3. Sniffing your armpits?
  4. A dwarf?
  5. A glassblower?
  6. Purple?
  7. Sandwiches?
  8. Ladybugs?
  9. Camels?
  10. Octopus?

I don’t really hold much with consulting dream dictionaries, to be honest.  It makes some fascinating reading, but if I want to know what a dream means to me I usually just try to remember how I felt when I woke up.

How about you, what are your thoughts on dreams?

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My bf and I frequently share our dreams. Basically, anything we can remember from sleeping, we talk about. Partly because most of the time we are long distance and when we talk/text in the morn, the only thing we havent talked about since the night before (when we last chatted) is what has happened in between… sleep.

I’m a philosophy grad student. And I have a lot of problems with psychoanalysis. That being said, I think that not only can PA provide interesting insights and analysis (how do you pluralize that spelling wise?), but it also makes for a really, really fun game when applied to the interpretation of dreams. So when we talk in the morn, I like to pretend I’m a psychoanalyst and analyze his dreams. Obviously, it always comes back to him being in love with his mother.

I’ll give it a shot here:
Cats? You desire coddling a small fluffy animal in the same way you recall your mother coddling you, which she cruelly took away from you when you reached a certain age and, thus, you have longed for ever since and, no matter what kind of crazy codependent relationship you find yourself in, you can’t find. At least not the way your momma loved you and every woman pales next to her.
Bleeding? Obviously you’re afraid of menstration/young women’s sexuality.
Sniffing your armpits? You want a bath from your mother?
A dwarf? Of course, the dwarf is taking you back to your childhood, either from “stories” or because your mind is trying to wrestle with “adult” and “wanting to be child” and is a little insensitive so it came up with dwarf. Nonetheless, it’s signaling of an intense desire to be “childlike,” especially in size, so that you can be coddled by your mother.
A glassblower? I’m not wholly sure what it is, but I bet it’s a sexual device you, in your deepest of minds minds minds minds mind, you want to use to do things to a mother-like woman figure.
Purple? It’s your mother’s favorite color. And yours.
Sandwiches? That your mother used to make for you, that apparently didn’t stay the appropriate temperature in its brown bag (as recent reports on school lunches say). She stopped making them when you started to be called a “motherboy” at school.
Ladybugs? Lady? It’s too easy…
Camels? You’re afraid some handsome, camel-riding gent will sweep your mother off her feet and away from you.
Octopus? You…. has an octopus stuffed animal as a kid? I’m out of ideas, but I bet it’s signaling you’re in love with your mother.

*One should note that I mean all these things in jest and am incredibly grateful of psychoanalysis, and I think it was crucial in philosophy’s development. Also, you love your mother if you hate this.

Also… so I just found out I have chronic Lyme disease. When is the next open open-thread so that I can type these feelings out?

1. Cats? – You have a desire to see a bad musical
2. Bleeding? – Iron deficiency
3. Sniffing your armpits? – Eating too much garlic lately
4. A dwarf? – If it was The Awesome Dinklage than you were having a good dream, if they were the scary kind from the Snow White remake with Sigourney Weaver then you should expect a short guy to do something creepy to you soon
5. A glassblower? – Redecorating your house or gypsies… I couldn’t decide
6. Purple? – Italian food! (eggplant)
7. Sandwiches? – A fear of flying (duh, ‘cause Turkeys can’t fly!)
8. Ladybugs? – Good luck in the future… unless they were flesh eating ladybugs that flew in swarms – that would be bad luck.
9. Camels? – You watched Sex in the City 2 recently didn’t you?
10. Octopus? –a fear of your pen busting all over your mouth while you are chewing on it at work…

I used to use dream dictionaries (or attempt to), but then I heard that your feelings about or in the dream were the best guide to its meaning, so I guess you’re on the right track! Then again, last night, I dreamt that I was in an episode of “White Collar” with Matt Bomer, and then turning the episode into a musical and all I feel is disappointed I don’t get to hang out with Bomer, so I’m not sure what that means.

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