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Funtime Open Thread: High Fidelity

I am in a Top 5 kind of mood today. I haven’t seen High Fidelity in ages, though I may have to rectify that soon, but it is one of my favorite movies of all time.  The story is more relatable than most romantic comedies, the characters are spot on, and it is full of Top 5 lists.  I have a weakness for Top [whatever] lists.

So, instead of trivia, I want you to give me your Top 5 Songs to Get You Motivated.

Mine are:

  1. “Pop Goes the World,” by Men Without Hats
  2. “A Little Less Conversation,” by Elvis Presley
  3. “Here We Go,” by Bowling for Soup
  4. “Pump It Up,” by Elvis Costello
  5. “Dog Days Are Over,” by Florence + The Machine

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I like music! Annnd I really need to be motivated to get going on my diss. proposal. Here are a somewhat random five.

1)”Start Me Up”- Rolling Stones
2) “Enter Sandman” – Metallica (I know, creepy lyrics but I just can’t get over the way the opening course sounds)
3) “Bad Romance”- Lady Gaga
4)”Glass Ceiling”- Metric
5) “Spiderwebs” – No Doubt

On a completely unrelated note, does anyone know where to get good quality cardigans? I have some serious cardigan loving in my life, but my last few have been disappointing. (As in, six months of regular wear and they are a misshapen husk of their former sweater glory, I think this is a result of shopping at Old Navy, primarily.)I just don’t think I want to do the fast fashion thing anymore because I think it’s possibly costing me more than if I were to buy one good quality item that lasts a few years.

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