Tuesday Trivia

Funtime Trivia Answers: 8/3

Who could forget the hanging chad?  I figured that one would be pretty easy for anyone who remembers the 2000 U.S. presidential election.  Some of the others are not so well known.

  1. Chile – an alternate spelling for “chili”
  2. China – fine porcelain
  3. Turkey – a yummy yummy North American bird
  4. Chad – a little scrap of paper
  5. Panama – a snazzy hat
  6. Japan – to apply a hard, glossy lacquer in multiple light layers
  7. Brazil – a type of dyewood
  8. Guinea – an old British coin
  9. Morocco – soft leather
  10. Tonga – a lightweight cart in India

So now you know.  Brazil, which is worth 17 points even without special spaces, is a legal word in Words with Friends and an excellent way to take advantage of a “Z.”  :)

Photo by SMN, via Flikr

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