How to Make Washcloth Cupcakes

I have a good friend who is the perfect example of a “girly girl.” Her favorite patterns are floral, she loves the color pink (especially pale pink), and she loves frilly dresses. She is the definition of delicate and feminine. But when her birthday came along, I was clueless on what to get her. Giving gifts is not my strength, especially when it’s expected.

Granted, she’s not the type to expect gifts from her friends, but I wanted to give her something anyway.  I knew the pressure wasn’t too great but I wanted to hand her something nonetheless. The afternoon before her party I was absolutely desperate. Nothing was grabbing my attention or screaming her name, until I found the unexpected. Tucked away in a kitschy Victorian-inspired arts store was a basket full of “washcloth cupcakes.” They instantly made me smile and think of my dear friend. They were simple and adorable. I was sold and I bought one, she just loved it. They seemed so simple that I had to figure out how to make them myself.

So here I am with a tutorial I designed to replicate the unexpectedly successful gift. You can make them as a gift for someone or even as a party favor. They are super fun, quick, and the materials are fairly cheap. I made these for my roommates and I can’t wait to see their reactions.


*Washcloths (If they are thin you will be using two to make one cupcake)

*Scrapbook paper (or colorful paper at least 8” x 10”)




*Rubber bands

*Glue stick


Steps to success:

1. Take your washcloth (I used two because my washcloths were thin) and fold from one edge diagonally until it forms a flat roll.

2. Next, roll the washcloth in a cinnamon-bun shape by rolling the corners in making a rose-like center.

3. Once you have made the “cupcake shape” you will need wrap a rubber band around the base to  hold it together.

4. Now you are done with the washcloth portion of this project. Next you will need to gather your scrapbook paper (you can also use newspaper, or regular 8″ x 10″ paper), scissors, pencil/pen, ruler and glue. Take your ruler and measure two 2″ at the edges of the paper and mark with a pencil. Then join the two 1.5″ or 2″ marks with the pencil as if you’re making a rainbow at the top and bottom. And cut out the shape exactly along the lines. The picture below will make more sense.

5. This is the cupcake wrapper sleeve. You will now need to glue the ends together with a glue stick.

6. Now all that’s left is to assemble your cupcake. Slide the washcloth into the cupcake sleeve. Poke a lollipop into the center and your project is complete. Hope you enjoyed the process! Let me know how it went.

By Noëlle

I'm a senior at Miami University studying Journalism and English Literature. I am a huge fan of black-and-white movies, especially ones starring Clark Gable.

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These are fun! I’ve had one as a gift before (although instead of a lollipop it was a lip gloss, I guess you could use all sorts of things) and even though it’s essentially just a flannel/washcloth, it feels like something more posh ‘cos of the nice presentation. I hadn’t thought about making my own, but it looks like even my craft-challenged self could manage this. :)

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