Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred: Day 28

Is it Friday yet? Allergies are kicking my butt this week, but I’m making it through each day’s workout.

So here’s something we haven’t talked about yet (I don’t think– 30 is a lot of blog posts about three 20-minute workouts)- your relationship and how fitness fits in. If you are in fact in a relationship, does your partner support your fitness efforts? Does he or she have his/her own fitness goals and aspirations?

I live with a budding marathoner. He’s completed two full marathons and is training for one this fall.  He is all about carving out time for fitness, which makes it easier for me to work out. If he’s going out to do 14 miles, surely I can get off my ass and do a 20-minute video right?

So, tell me, those of you in relationships, what is your significant other’s relationship with fitness? If you are single, do you have friends who influence your fitness decisions?

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He does Xfit and runs and so on, but because of that, and his build and metabolism, I think he sometimes doesn’t get how difficult certain things can be for me – whether that’s a certain exercise (like pushups) or how slowly I lose weight. He’s been very supportive though.
I do find it more difficult to exercise when he’s around, though. It’s easier to spend time with him than to go spend 25 minutes with Jillian:)

My boyfriend is a personal trainer, so he’s supportive but sometimes so helpful that I feel like there’s pressure on me to be SUPER FIT all the time. But I think that’s more me than him. I don’t think he really minds. I had a friend once who was planning to start losing weight and it seemed like her fiance actively discouraged it–it was weird. I’m not sure how that dynamic worked for them (as I said, it seemed that way, but I’m outside their lives), and I’d be interested to hear if anyone has had such an experience.

I joined my gym bc it’s where my bf did judo before he hurt his back. It was convenient for both of us to go there together after work, do our workouts, and chat on the way home. Since he’s been on reserve, I’ve had to be creative to make time to go and still have time to do double duty around the house. I try my best to go in the mornings before work as a little bit of “me” time.

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