Keeping Up-to-Date on the Gaming World

After a jet-lagged week and taking care of everything that didn’t take care of itself in the last two weeks while I was gone, I finally had the time to look at what was happening in the gaming planet through the eye of others (namely, videos and previews). The two biggest publicly-held gaming conventions happened while I was gone and really busy: Gamescom (Cologne, Germany) and PAX Prime (Seattle, USA). I am super jealous of everybody who got to attends those, by the way.

These two conventions were barely one week apart this year and they both attracted a lot of people. This results in lots of videos and hands-on previews from Joe, Jane, and the press. Unfortunately, I missed most of Gamescom’s live streaming because of traveling and, for some reason, I don’t really care about PAX prime this year. Although Deux Ex: Human Revolution might have something to do with it, too. It was released last week and I have spent as much free time as possible playing it, minus Irene’s interferences. So let’s move to the games I’m following and what we might have learned at those conventions.

First, let me gush over Skyrim. There’s lots of new stuff on Skyrim. Bethesda released face presets for all the races. They all look much closer to Morrowind‘s design than Oblivion‘s. Actually, anything is better than Oblivion. I’m amazed by the beast race renditions. Argonians look like proper reptilians and Khajit have nice fur. I might roll an Argonian called Misss now and not just my usual Nord and Breton characters. There are also a few scars, tattoos, paint and beard options. No more ugly characters in the Elder Scrolls. Okay, they all look a bit grumpy, but I blame it on the cold. There have been a few hands-on previews of the game by the press in the last two weeks. Everybody seems to have tried to redo the Bethesda demo in their playthrough, which means we didn’t get that much new info beside that vampires do exist in Skyrim and you can kill a witness of a crime if you don’t want a bounty. Beside that, we should get an HD gampeplay video this week and the game should release in two months!

Second game that has kept my attention is Guild Wars 2. They finally showed some players-vs-players, the Sylvari and the Asura playable in-game. Because Arenanet is super nice, there is plenty of public videos of everything  shown in the playable demos and a few recordings of the official PvP matches at both Gamescom and PAX. I was already set on playing an Asura, but now that I’ve seen them move in the world, I’m just in love. I can’t wait to play an insufferable Asura who calls everybody “Bookha!” As you can see, I’m a fan. The Sylvari got their race week as  well, just before Gamescom. They are now a proper looking species of plant. We also got to see and learn about the competitive PvP in the game. It did look fun, but PvP isn’t really my thing. As for those who have been wondering why I haven’t done a proper preview of Guild Wars 2 yet, that’s because I’m waiting to find out the last profession (class) in the game (please tell us, Anet). To find all the videos, you should look at GuildWarsGuru2, whose compilation threads have the best HD videos and interviews from PAX and Gamescom.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning got a release date! February 7, 2012 in North America and February 10, 2012 in Europe. The developers also released another trailer  and lots of screenshots. I’m rather surprised at the voice-over. I expected more cheesiness to match the art style. Oh well, it still looks like a proper fashionable brainless timekiller to me.

I didn’t really follow Mass Effect 3. Kind of strange since I spent over three months playing both Mass Effects, six times one after the other, last year (when I  bought them super cheap on XMast sales). I suppos I just don’t want to get spoiled. The most noteworthy event is that female Shepard has a new face, but she’s still a redhead (yeah!).

Nothing special to say about Star Wars: The Old Republic. It’s still the same old marketing. I’m just waiting for the game to release now, but if people are interested, there are compilation threads on the official forums with everything available from the conventions: PAX and Gamecom. SWTOR is just a boring game to watch being played.

For now, I’m going back to Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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