Ladyblogs You Should Be Reading

Ladyblogs! Fresh, hot ladyblogs! Get ’em while they’re hot! Welcome back, y’all, to the ongoing series of Ladyblogs You Should Be Reading, a fine-tuned look into some of the best blogs out there. This week, I want to concentrate on some ladies who love the ladies, as we take a peek into some of the best lady-run blogs in the gay community.

Pam’s House Blend:  “An online magazine in the Reality-based community,” Pam’s House Blend was launched in 2004 as a way for Pam Spaulding to vent about the issues that were affecting her life as an out women of color. “It became clear that blogging about news stories involving LGBT concerns could give those who visited the Blend an insight into the progress (or lack thereof) of gay rights in Red State/Blue State America. The power of blogging is that you not only reach the readers of the blog, but the venue can serve as its own form of activism, a tool to spur action on issues that matter to us,” says Pam, whose Southern roots are a personal soft spot for this Southern writer. Though Pam’s work has been featured on countless other sites like The Independent Weekly, Americablog, Pandagon and many more, Pam’s House Blend promises honest commentary on the ongoing war against the LBGT community in America.

Velvet Park: Part blog, part social integrated network, Velvet Park is where to go for “dyke culture in bloom.” A collective-run blog with contributors from all over the joint, Velvet Park brings together its members to talk about everything from the recent Norway crisis and the missing coverage on these two heroic women, to Beth Ditto shaking her fine stuff in her undies. Check out other perks like monthly horoscopes, personals and the almighty talk forums and have a good time.

Mombian: Run by Dana Rudolph, Mombian is a blog and lifestyle site for lesbian parenting and all the nitty gritty that comes with it. With weekly political roundups and stories from parents and children, Mombian is hands down one of the most helpful blogs out their dedicated to family equality. Check out their most recent post on Gender Spectrum, an organization that provides resources for families that have gender variant, gender non-conforming, and transgender children.

Sistahs on the Shelf: The home for the lovers of some of the best black lesbian fiction out there, Sistahs on the Shelf offers book reviews, tidbits about upcoming releases and social connections to women who love the same books as you. This month’s pick is Dying For a Change, a portrait of Chicago in 1965, as main character Chan tries to make her way through a time thick with racism, as well as run by the mob.

Mama Poulet: Written by Suzy Byrne, Mama Poulet is a look at news, current affairs, politics, and all things in between and roundabout. While written from abroad, many of the things Mama Poulet writes about are happening in our neck of the woods as well. Can’t and shouldn’t be missed.

All right kids, am I leaving anyone out? What blogs do you go to to get your fixins?

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