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Welcome back to another roundabout edition of Ladyblogs You Should Be Reading. Time flies fast around here, doesn’t it? We have covered many topics and we are planning to cover a hell of a lot more. This week, I want to highlight some of the best parenting blogs out there that delve into everything from the everyday to the long-term. Join me now, my lovely Persephone folks?

Love Is Not Enough: We highlighted the lovely Tami Winfrey Harris last Friday, but let’s just do it again. Run by Tami, and edited by a whole host of talented writers, Love Is Not Enough covers race and parenting in a “colorstruck” world.  Articles cover the heavy issues, as well as hands-on accounts of parents doing the very best. Did I mention the gratuitous pictures of cute kids? Check out two recent articles: Why I Know The Healthcare System Is Fucked Up by Liz Dwyer and White Noise: White Adults Raising White Children To Resist White Supremacy by Susan Raffo.

Motherhood, WTF?: A hilarious account of the realities of motherhood and child rearing. Blogger Allison has a simple message: “I decided to start this blog because of peer pressure”¦ I hope I can provide a few laughs as I trip my way along the road of motherhood.” A no-frills approach to the less savory aspects that come with, well, raising kids, Allison is no stranger to documenting the series of shocks, disappointments, and absolutely disgusting things under her fingernails. Need a quick laugh? Check out the piece Embarrassment, on the woes of taking your toddler bra shopping.

Proud Parenting: Less a blog and more a community space, Proud Parent is a great resource for LGBTQ folks who are parents or looking to parent. A multitude of topics like community support, legal and financial aid, and advice and education, Proud Parenting is a great source for out and proud parents. A piece that caught my eye? Check out I Survived Reparative Therapy, an anonymous contributors story of going to a gay rehabilitation center, only to come out on the other side as as a teacher, author and openly gay adoptive parent and grandfather.

Stirrup Queens: Adventures in infertility, pregnancy and beyond! Run by blogger Melissa, Stirrup Queens is one woman’s account of navigating the trials and tribulations that comes along with being infertile, including IVF, adoption, common stigmas, and all the conversations in between. Now the parent of two beautiful tots, Melissa covers all ground from handling “those conversations” (Why don’t you just try relaxing?) to miscarriage, options ranging from staying childless (and why you don’t need to explain it to anyone), and different routes of becoming a parent. For a nice down low on what Melissa can offer, check out My Blogoversary, for a rundown of some of her most interesting pieces and great links.

Confessions of An Asperger’s Mom: Breaking down the stereotypes of what “living with Aspergers” looks like (and the inane thinking of why it should be “cured”), blogger Karen documents her life while raising two adolescent boys with Aspergers, all while trying to maintain her own identity. Karen is no-nonsense, never sugar coating and never looking at Aspergers as “victimizing.” Her sense of humor and give-me-strength moments are relatable to any parent, especially those raising special needs children. Check out Tanya Svko’s guest post on 10 Things for Parents of ASD Kids to Keep in Mind about the Teen Years  for a great run down of what can be the hardest years to come.


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Thank you so much for listing “Confessions” as a LadyBlog to read. Almost everyone has been touched in some way by autism/Asppergers. I just want more people to understand it and not judge from a point of ignorance. I am thrilled by your review of the blog! Thanks again! Karen

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