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Hello, dearies, and welcome back to Ladyblogs You Should Be Reading, a breakdown of some of the best run ladyblogs on the Internet. I’m taking it a bit easy this week, because let’s face it, it’s August and my brain has turned into a massive cherry slushie. That doesn’t mean our favorite blogs will be lacking in quality, but instead, concentrating on a topic that ventures into the fluffy, squishy, and ooey-cooey noises. Ladyblogs? Kinda. Animal blogs? Hell yes. Yes, my friends, this week I’m highlighting the best animal blogs. You have been warned. (YAY CUTE! ~ed.)

Cute Overload: Behold! The master and commander of the cuteness animal blogs. Cute Overload is one of the original sources for getting your animal freak on. Puppies, kitties, hedgehogs, and interspecies snorgling – you have reached an orgy of things that make you go squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

This type of cuteness is borderline illegal. Image courtesy of

Animals Being Dicks: A collection of .gifs of animals being jerks? Sign me up! Animals in their less innocent, more assholeish state, these .gifs are bound to be the delight of anyone’s workday. For a good laugh, check out cat revenge on a roomba, because animals + roombas always = amazing.

Low in image quality, high in actual laughs. Image courtesy of

Dogs that Look Like Tom Haverford: Love Parks and Recreation? Love Tom Haverford? Love dogs that look like Tom Haverford? Then bring your mouse clicks right over to this blog to indulge yourself on multiple levels. Heart swoon.

This is a whole new level of meta adorable. Image courtesy of

Disapproving Rabbits: Rabbit enthusiasts, fear not. There is coverage of your judgmental furry friends. Have a dire need to squee over some cuteness, yet also need to feel utterly judged? Check out Disapproving Rabbits for animals who make no bones over the fact that they think you’re ridiculous. It’s like being in high school all over again.

You will be judged. Image courtesy of

Zooborns: Baby animals from around the world! EEEEEEEEEEE! The best of those born in zoos and aquariums, zooborns promises the best photos of baby anteaters, baby giraffes, and baby whatever-you-fancy. May the baby sloths lead the way”¦

Governments have been toppled for something as cute as the immortal baby sloth yawn. Image courtesy of


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