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Ladyghosts of TV Past: Battlestar Galactica, 1.13: “Kobol’s Last Gleaming Part II”

Previously, on Battlestar Galactica, the shit hit the fan, all over the galaxy. Starbuck stole her pet raider and flew off to Caprica, Roslin disobeyed Adama’s orders, Lee got punched in the face by all the people he loves, Helo shot Sharon, and the fleet found Kobol, only to lose a lot of people trying to get there.

Under the yellow clouds of Caprica, Helo shot Sharon. Then he found out he was going to be a daddy, as Sharon is the universe’s first pregnant killer robot. This changes everything for Hot, Hot Helo: Intergalactic Nice Guy.

Conveniently, Helo and Sharon stumble upon the Delphi museum, home of the Arrow of Apollo, right as Starbuck needs them the most. But more on that in a minute.

Starbuck, as you may recall, was sent on a holy mission by President Roslin to retrieve the arrow, which Colonial scripture predicts will lead the ragtag fleet to Earth from the Temple of Athena, on Kobol. Adama considers this mutiny, and he tries to terminate Roslin’s presidency after she refuses to resign. He sends Apollo and Tigh to Colonial One to arrest and detain her.

Since Starbuck is AWOL, Adama asks GalactiBoomer to take her place. The plan is for her to fly a raptor equipped with a Cylon transponder within range of the giant, pointy basestar in orbit over Kobol and hit it with a nuke. Boomer accepts the assignment, and she and the always underestimated Racetrack jump away in a raptor. The transponder should trick the Cylon hordes that Boomer’s raptor has been captured by Cylons, and allow them to fly within bombing range. ┬áThe ruse works, but the nuke jams, so they’re forced to land on the basestar and manually release the bomb.

Meanwhile, on the surface of Kobol, Raptor One is down. One crewman is dead, another is severely injured, and HeadSix lures Baltar away from certain death. Crashdown, the ranking officer, is not entirely comfortable with his new command, which leads Chief Tyrol to try to gently guide him into smart decisions.

Starbuck manages to drive her pet raider to Caprica, and parks it out front of the Delphi museum. She finds the arrow straight away and snatches it up. As she’s contemplating it, one of the Sixes approaches her from behind; they proceed to kick the shit out of each other.

On Galactica, Adama sends Tigh and Apollo to arrest the president. Roslin’s security team surrounds and protects her, and everyone is pointing guns. Apollo has a change of heart, and points his gun at Tigh instead, saying they can’t take away democracy because the president made a bad decision. Roslin orders everyone to put down their guns before anyone gets hurt, and she and Apollo are taken into custody.

On the basestar, Boomer hops out of the raptor to unjam the bomb, and is lured away by a large group of naked Boomers, who tell her they love her, and they will see her again. She denies she is a Cylon, insists she was born on Troy, and says that she remembers her parents. The naked Boomers coo at her, and she runs back to the raptor. She and Racetrack fly away and the bomb goes off, with lots of naked Boomers stroking it.

On Caprica, Starbuck is getting her ass handed to her by Six, who has a mean right hook. Six knocks Starbuck out cold and steals the arrow, only to be tackled and knocked to her death in a pit when Starbuck comes to. Helo walks in just as Starbuck is leaping at Six, and ends up pulling her off of the dead robot. Starbuck is hurt, but mobile, and they share a reunion. Starbuck sees Sharon over Helo’s shoulder and shoots at her before asking any questions. Helo tells her Sharon is pregnant, and Starbuck looks pissed.

On Galactica, Roslin is put in the brig, and Lee is taken to CIC. Boomer and Racetrack arrive to cheers, and Adama praises them for following orders in spite of their misgivings, which is clearly directed at Lee.

On Kobol, HeadSix leads Baltar to the ruins of the opera house, which transforms to the actual opera house in Baltar’s head. She tells him he has been chosen to be a guardian of the next generation of God’s children, and leads him to a white crib with a baby girl we don’t see inside. The baby is, according to HeadSix, the “shape of things to come.”

On Galactica, Adama shakes Racetrack and Boomer’s hands, then Boomer shoots him twice in the chest. The episode ends with handcuffed Lee, Tigh, and Dee holding Adama as he bleeds out on the console where they play with their little ships.

That’s it for season one of BSG. We’ll be back with season two next week.

Special thanks to Monchichi for her gorgeous, perfectly captured screenshots!

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I may have spent half the weekend in bed nursing a hangover and watching BSG, and I kept thinking how undervalued Racetrack is. And now here you are, saying the same thing!

Also, why Hot Hot Helo just happened to be in the vicinity of where Starbuck landed has always been too big of a plothole for me to swallow, which is saying a lot, considering this show.

Racetrack always put her head down and did her job, which set her apart from almost everyone else on the show. It may not make for a lot of great drama on her part, but I always enjoyed her character.

Also, ha! Caprica is, I assume, a big damn planet. The Deus Ex Helo has bothered me since forever, too. I overlook it because he is so very pretty. Because I’m kind of shallow.

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