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LTP: 8/1

To get us all excited about Monday, I’m pulling out a classic for today’s lunchtime poll.  Today, we’re eschewing the normal format to play a rousing game of “Would You Rather?” Find out how we’re bloggifying it, and the opening contenders, after the break.

If you reply to this post directly, you need to answer one of the WYRs below, and present a choice to those following you.

If you reply to another commenter, you need to answer their challenge and give one of your own to the next player.

Cool? Rock on, let’s get started.  Pick one of the following horrible choices and comment away below.

Would you rather:

1. Eat a live palmetto bug (giant flying cockroach for non-US southerners.) or ghost-write Charlie Sheen’s memoirs?

2. Have a phone number one digit off from a very specialized escort service or discover you’ve been labeled a fashion “don’t” in a popular magazine or website?

3. Live in a world with no coffee or inherit a distant cousin’s unruly triplets in a wacky will reading?

4. Live in a world where everyone can read your mind (but you can’t read theirs) or live next door to the worst Winger cover band in the history of cover bands.


By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

10 replies on “LTP: 8/1”

1. Ghost-write the memoirs. It might pay well.
2. Fashion “don’t.” Because I really don’t give a crap about fashion magazines and I kind of love breaking their rules anyway.
3. No coffee. It hurts to say that, but now you understand how much I don’t like kids.
4. The Winger cover band. They couldn’t possibly play worse music than my current neighbor’s terrible nightclub beats.

2.) I’d take escort service.

Would you rather: always have to listen to music on headphones that only work on one side, or only be able to listen to entire albums at a time without skipping any tracks–no cheating with mixes?

Side note: REMEMBER TAPE DECKS, guys? Would you go back? I would not.

Oh God, #3 is horrific!

I’ll answer #2 – I’d go with the phone number that’s close to an escort service’s number. My parents’ phone number is one digit away from an accounting firm’s number, and one year they put our phone number on all of their documents or something like that, and we got calls for them for ages. I wouldn’t care all that much about being a fashion don’t, but I’d enjoy having a bit of fun with people who accidentally call me when looking for escorts.

Would you rather have hair made of spaghetti or fingernails made of jelly beans?

But if you had spaghetti hair you could chew on your hair whenever you get hungry! (I’d choose the jelly bean nails too though.)

I choose the awesome puter and no smartphone – that’s what I’ve got right now, and although there are times that I think how useful it would be to have a phone with internet access, it works fine for me.

At some important/serious moment (during a job interview, at a funeral, etc) would you rather be struck with the hiccups or a huge, nonstop sneezing fit?

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