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LTP: 8/11

Happy Thursday! It’s time for the State Fair here in Indiana, and I have to say, I absolutely love it. Today’s question has to do with one of the most important parts of the fair: FOOD.

What do you like to eat a fair or carnival? We decided this week that there is farm fair food (food run by the pork, beef, and dairy associations) and trailer fair food (food, um, served out of a trailer). I’m more of a farm fair food girl myself- give me fresh ice cream and a baked pork chop any day.

How about you? Do enjoy things like sirloin tips straight from the farm or are you more a fried Twinkie kind of person?

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I’ve never actually been to a state fair, and I’m unsure what the Canadian equivalent would be? Any other Canucks wanna help me out?

There is a Canadian food that I think would fit in at a fair, and that’s the Beavertail. It’s a deep pried pastry with all sorts of stuff on it. I usually get it with cinnamon and sugar. They’re a chain in Canada, but they only have locations at big tourist attractions like the Halifax WaterFront and Ottawa Market. Often they are only open in the summer. Excellent, though.

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