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LTP: 8/19/11

This is Molly– she is twelve pounds of spring-loaded enthusiasm. Before we got her, I knew that all pets have their quirks – our other dog hides shoes in the couch cushions so he can snack on them after we go to bed and our cat forgets there is food in her dish the minute I leave the kitchen – but Molly takes weird to a whole new level. 

She gets excited about the smallest things and can jump straight up almost four feet into the air. Once a week she gets insomnia and spends two or three hours running up and down the uncarpeted hallway, possibly just because she likes the tick-tick-tick noise her claws make on the floor. And, my favorite, a few times every day she will jump into someone’s lap, stand on their chest, thrust her head about an inch away from their face and just stare at them with an intensely bewildered expression on her face. It’s like she’s been struck with complete amnesia and she is hoping desperately that you can tell her who she is and what she should be doing.

So what about you? What are your favorite pet quirks?

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By [E]SaraB

Glass artisan by day, blogger by night (and sometimes vice versa). SaraB has three kids, three pets, one husband and a bizarre sense of humor. Her glass pendants can be found at if you're interested in checking it out.

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Girl Dog does the “stand on your chest and look bewildered” thing, while also trying to climb into your soul via your neck/chin/face. She also loves to drag herself around a carpeted floor with her front legs, her hind legs all frogged out behind her. Boy Dog is a little unpredictable. Sometimes he’s all love and sweet, and ten seconds later, he’s trying to bite your foot off with the four teeth he has left. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. (Boy Dog is the white one with black spots; Girl is the brown/black one.)

My pit-mix is the biggest cuddler ever. All she ever wants is to be near you. She is 50lbs and always wants to be on my lap. In bed, she is always sleeping in the crook of my arm, with her head next to mine on the pillow.

And then when she gets to hot, she rolls over and pants directly in my face until I wake up and take the covers off her.

She also has a favorite toy that isn’t even a dog toy. It’s a catnip filled lion. She doesn’t even play with it, she just carries it around in her mouth.

My dog, a white German Shepherd mixed with…something…is now 12 (!!), and has always been terrified of storms (thunder particularly; she also hates fireworks) since she was a puppy. She copes with this by hiding in our downstairs bathroom when it storms, apparently aware that it is, in fact, the safest part of our house. It’s particularly funny when my dad is in the bathroom getting ready for work in the morning – if it storms, Angel with smush herself between his legs and the door, and just stare at him.

She’s also incapable of unwrapping herself from my old swing set in the back yard (she has a dog run, no fence sadly :( ), unless you walk over to her and tell her to walk around the post. She even understands “No, the other way” if she’s going the wrong direction, but for some reason is absolutely incapable of doing this herself.

D’awww that sounds adorable! Angel just has the fluffy Shepherd tail, but I bet your dog was ridiculously cute, too. What colors? As for the thunder fear – maybe it’s the upturned ears? She doesn’t like any loud noises (my dad’s a drummer – she reaaaally hates that), so maybe it’s just sensitive hearing. She’s always been very ‘meh’ towards my violin-playing, but falls asleep right next to me every time I play piano. What a little weirdo :) I’m about to go home to my parents’ and see her – yay!

My cat right now is just a little weird – she is quite sassy and in love with her peacock feather. The quirky one was my parents’ dog, who died a few years ago. He for some reason did not like it when my mom sang, and also didn’t like the Happy Birthday song. So for years, family and friends would get messages on their machines of us singing, and Ollie barking in the background. What made it even more funny was that he was originally taught not to bark, so he’d sneeze first instead until he got the guts to bark. So funny!

My cat has a foot fetish. She will only allow people to pet her with their feet. No hands, just feet. She will lay on my legs at night to immobilize them so she can rub her face on my foot and force me to pet her. If I stop before she’s ready, she’ll bite my foot (not hard, but enough to be a warning). She also thinks all socks are her toys, so I can’t leave socks lying around. They go straight from the dryer into the dresser, or else she’ll claim them.

Three years ago, I had five cats. Since then, I’ve lost four to various old age related conditions, including two just this month. (tried to write a post about it, just couldn’t.) Right now I just have Loki, and he’s been really lonely.
Since he was a kitten, he’s liked to lie on my lap with his face pressed into the crook of my elbow. I think the pressure is comforting to him. Since his playmates died, he’s been doing it even more, which is both adorable and kind of heartbreaking.
I want to get him a new buddy, eventually, but the hurt of losing the other two kitties is still too fresh.

I played the flute from middle school through high school and I occasionally used a digital metronome when I practiced. Our golden retriever fucking loved this metronome. As soon as I’d turn it on and it would start beeping/ticking, he’d get so excited and start wagging and leaping and prancing all around trying to smush his face up against the metronome and he wouldn’t stop until the metronome was off.

He also loved coffee. We could leave empty glasses and cups sitting around and he wouldn’t do anything but sniff them, but if you left a used coffee mug anywhere near him, he’d stuff his snout down inside it and lick and lick until you took the mug away from him.

Finally, he had one particular gummabone and one particular woobie that were his favorite toys, but when he got really excited when one of his favorite people would come to visit, he’d run around and pick up as many bones and toys as possible at once; it was hilarious watching him try to gather them all up, drop one, and start over. I think his record was four!

Our family pup makes a snarly face when she’s happy. Since I live far away from home, sometimes months will go by before I make it back to my parents’ place, but as soon as I walk up the drive way she will bolt into the yard, her entire body wiggling uncontrollably, and give me the biggest snarly grin. It’s pretty darned cute.

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