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LTP: 8/2

Well happy Aug. 2 to everyone! It’s not a holiday (that I know of), but it still makes things feel more festive to wish you a happy one.

So I thought I’d do an upbeat LTP today: what’s your favorite part of your morning? I’ll go ahead and assume that most of you don’t love mornings, but even you morning-haters probably have a moment (or longer) in the early part of your day that you enjoy.

I happen to like when I open the living room blinds and the bunnies kind of squint at me like they’re hungover. It happens almost every morning, but it never stops being funny and adorable. I guess I just like knowing I’m not the only one who’s not thrilled about being up.

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I love mornings.

My dog wakes me up – no alarm necessary, so no obnoxious beeping/buzzing noises starting my day. Just puppy paws and cuddles. I pull on some pants and pup and I walk out into the cool morning (for the morning is always cool here, 1 mile from the ocean) and she does her business; we come back inside and she eats her kibble on my lap (she’s very pampered, I know), I spend 15-20 minutes meditating on some material from my sobriety program, and then I get some caffeine, take some vitamins, nibble breakfast, and check the news/web comics/blogs/social media/email. Mornings in my home are quiet, organized, and loving, and I think that’s why I’ve come to love them.

I wake up before future Mr. paperispatient 98.5% of the time, and I really like puttering around by myself. If I don’t have somewhere to be in the morning and can take my time, I make coffee and I check my e-mail / Tumblr/ various blogs while I drink it, and I really like easing into my day that way.

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