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LTP: 8/26/11

This new Smurfs movie has me thinking. A lot of my childhood seems to have been re-made for the 21st century.  This summer alone has seen new Smurfs, new Muppets, and new Thundercats. When I first saw the ads for a live-action Smurf movie, I thought there was no possible way it could work, but it’s not that bad. (Full disclosure – my deep and abiding love for Hank Azaria may have influenced my opinion.)

I’m curious.  Yay or nay on updating classic pop culture?  On the whole I approve. (The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest notwithstanding.  It was a long time ago and they knew not what they did.)  A part of me hates when people mess with a classic, but it is fun to see old cartoons in a new light.


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I have yet to see an update that I like, with the exception of a number of the comic book-type action flicks that have come out. I definitely can’t knock the X-Men flicks and of course the Nolan Batman films have been, well, masterworks, really. or maybe that’s my Bale-bias talking.

I’d be interested in seeing these things updated if I felt like people were trying to do something new and creative and good with them, but mostly I’ve seen a gloss of old characters stuck on a movie with no plot meant to make billions. Bleh. Pass.

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