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LTP: 8/3/11

We have had a few Lunchtime Polls about outdoor summer activities so far this season, so I am switching it up to indoor activities.  Art museums, science museums or natural history museums?

Actually what I really like are children’s museums, which as I recall seemed to be mostly history-based.  I love anything with interactive components and natural history museums usually fit the bill.  I go to art museums occasionally, but I often find that I am really only enamored with a small fraction of the art, whereas in an interactive museum I find more things that hold my attention.  But I know that some of you out there could spend hours in an art museum, leaving only when security finally ushers you out.  So which air-conditioned edifying experience do you prefer?

By Luci Furious

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I love all kinds of museums, but I find that I could spend a few happy hours in an art museum, but an entire day in an interactive science or children’s museum. Ooh, and I also love natural history museums. Some of my favorite museums exhibits are:

-the miniature room exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago. It’s basically a room of historically accurate dollhouses.
-the Buddhist temple room at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.
-the dinosaur bones at the National Museum or Natural history in D.C.
-pretty much everything at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago (almost every exhibit is interactive).

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