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LTP: 8/9

Top o’ the noon to all of you! It’s Tuesday, so here we are again with today’s Lunchtime Poll. I thought I’d ask about our old friend Print Media.

Do you subscribe to any magazines or newspapers anymore? If so, which ones and why?

I actually still indulge in a couple magazines, including New York, Us Weekly (shut up), and Better Homes and Gardens. I think I still read/subscribe to them because I spend so much time on the computer that it’s nice to take a break once in a while.

Anyone else?

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My mom just used all our expiring airline miles to subscribe me to a BUNCH of magazines I don’t have time to read (mostly weeklies, which is even worse time-wise) so now I get: SI, EW, The Economist (which I like but again, don’t have time to read weekly), People, and I think two others. If I had a choice, I’d get one fitness-oriented one, like Women’s Health or Oxygen’s fitnessy one and Runner’s World, I’d keep the Economist or share with a friend who also subscribes, and I might do Glamour or Marie Claire, just for fun, but usually I buy one of those when I fly so it’s more of a treat.

Okay, so I’m going to sound like a bad person by the end of this comment, but oh well.
One of my best friends got me a year’s subscription to the New Yorker for Christmas, and, well, it is a never-ending source of frustration for me. I’ve never really been one to read magazines, and can’t figure out how to work reading a whole one into my weekly schedule. And, frankly – I work in international affairs, so I get most of that news through my job, and don’t want to read something super-intense on my commute. I couldn’t care less about celebrities or movies or “happenings in NY” or most else in there. The fiction pieces are nice, but they’re two pages out of, what, 60? So they pile up, but, due to some minor hoarding tendencies and some major guilt, I of course can’t give them away/throw them out. And the gift giver has asked me several times about specific articles, which has made it semi-obvious that I’m not reading all of them. I mean, I’ve probably read 4 or 5 of them? Out of the 30ish I’ve recieved?
Obviously, I’m a spoiled brat for complaining at all, and if I were a normal person, this would have been an awesome present. But I’m not. So that is how I feel about magazines.

I don’t think that’s terrible. It’s hard to read a whole magazine. A good idea is to share with someone who also likes the magazine–my dad gives his New Yorker’s to a coworker, and then he just has a couple of weeks per issue to decide what looks interesting and read it if he wants (though she wouldn’t mind if he held on to a copy for longer). Weekly magazines are tough, as I was saying above. Who has that time or focus?

I miss my subscription to Games Magazine. There’s nothing quite like finding a whole book full of puzzles in the mailbox.

These days the only magazine we get is Game Informer, which comes free with a GameStop membership. I like the reviews, even though they tend to focus less and less on the games I like.

Ugh. Don’t remind me. (kidding!)
I have a stack about a foot high of old Afar, Interview and local magazines. I let them all expire because they’re backlogged so much. Then at work I have 2 full magazine holders of old mags, and 3 e-subscriptions to read (not in the question, but I think it counts). So much! And I just want to read my books!

I used to buy ascent when it came out, it’s a yoga/philosophy magazine that had very little advertisement and beautiful art in it. But then it went belly up. I don’t subscribe to anything now but I do pick up n+1 once in a while or various lit mags. My friends all buy Us Weekly and the likes so I just get my fill of junk mags when I visit with them.

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