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Lunchtime Poll – 8/10/11

Today’s LTP is a little frivolous to get us through the middle of our week.  What is your favorite pair of shoes and why? Is it style or comfort or both?I think my favorite pair of shoes right now are yellow wedges I bought for my sister’s wedding last year.  They are a lemon yellow with white polka dots, a peekaboo toe and a little bow. So cute! And I have had no occasion to wear them this summer!  They’re actually relatively comfortable, as long as you put some blister block on your heels.  How about you all?

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I LOVE my Adidas sneakers. Not my current ones, but the Superstars that got me through high school and college, and that my mom attempted to throw out various times. I finally threw them out a few years ago because they were so beat up and I figured I could find new ones. I couldn’t! At least not if I didn’t want “girly” colors. A couple years later, I finally gave in and ordered a similar-but-not-exactly-the-same pair. They’re good, but nothing will ever compare to my original pair.

being as I have developed a few feet problems as I have gotten older, shoes have become a comfort thing. I wear my Keen sandals every day ALL summer long. And during the winter, I have a pair of Keen Mary Janes that are almost as comfy.

I absolutley miss being able to wear pretty, sexy heels – but ~shrug~ somethings just aren’t meant to be.

I have a particular pair of turquoise/gold/pink heels from Irregular Choice that I love and adore beyond reason. They are gorgeous and quirky, a magnet for compliments, and used to be very comfortable… but I can’t wear them anymore as I’ve developed a really annoying and permanent foot problem.

I’ll go tell them how much I miss them now… :(

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