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Lunchtime Poll – 8/24

You know you want to talk about it.  You know you want to post it here. So let us know: Where were you when The Earthquake hit.  Tell me all the dramatic details.  Did your building sway? Did your lawn furniture topple? Did everyone have to evacuate your building. What did you think it was?!?! And most importantly, did you get the day off work?!I was sitting waiting for a subway, so when I felt the platform move, I assumed it was a train coming.  It wasn’t until I got off the train to a panicked text from my boyfriend, assuming that I was trapped in some collapsed subway tunnel (there were none) that I even knew it had been an earthquake.  My train wasn’t even late.  But let us know your harrowing tales of survival here!

By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

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Okay, so I’m gonna be a bit of a bitch here about this, as I’ve been all over the internet since this happened.

When you work in downtown DC, 5 blocks from the White House and directly above a super-busy Metro station, and your building starts shaking like hell? You think the worst. When we finally found out what happened, it was announced as “Don’t worry everyone, it was only an earthquake.” Only. An. Earthquake. As in, there was no bomb in the metro. As in, there was no massive terrorist attack.

The earthquake was severe enough, might I add, to knock off several bits of the National Cathedral, cause a 4 foot-long crack in the Washington Monument, and structurally damage a dozen public schools. And oh, to knock out the majority of the traffic light system downtown.
Sure, I see how it could seem funny in retrospect, but I and thousands of other people in DC were fearing for our fucking lives yesterday. Did I get the day off work? No, I left work because I couldn’t fucking stop shaking. So please, could we stop with the lawn furniture jokes?

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