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Monday Flashback OT: 1983

Ha Ha! You’re thinking, um, 1983? Was I even born then?

No, no, no, tonight’s OT isn’t really about 1983; it’s more about the teachers in your life. My daughter has been assigned to a 1st/2nd grade class with a teacher who loops each year. This excites me, because prior to this, she had the same teacher for two years of preschool and her kindergarten year. I think it’s great for teachers, students, and parents alike – having the same (or at least a portion of the same) families in a classroom for more than a year gives everyone a chance to know each other.

Looking back, of course I had the same high school teachers for a few subjects, but way back in 1983, I had the same teacher in 4th and 5th grade. It just happened that they moved the faculty around, and I had Mrs. Kennedy two years in a row. I was OK with it, although I don’t really know that we über-bonded.

How about you? Did you ever have the same teacher for more than a year? Was a it a good thing or a bad thing?

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I remember 1983…

The only teachers I had for multiple years were special area teachers (music, art and gym) in elementary.

When I taught, I had several kids for many years, and I loved it. I got to know the families really well (and I still talk with many of them), the kids all came to school on the first day knowing what to expect and I was able to do a LOT of planning over the summer. I’m a big fan of looping and multi-age classrooms.

I had the same teacher for Kindergarten, first, and second grades in one of those loop setups. I was a pretty difficult kid, and she was a saint. It was good to have someone who consistently supported me while I worked out my issues. I also had the same English teacher junior and senior year of high school, who was really tough but also hilarious. She’s one of my favorite teachers ever.

The teachers I’ve had repeatedly were only in grad school, if I think about it. I’ve had one professor, now my adviser, who I will have had 3/3 semesters so far. I know I won’t have him for my last semester, but he has to review and critique my professional paper in the spring, so it’s like I will have him forever! It’s nice because I have never had any teachers in constant contact for so long, and bonding in any capacity is not my strong point.

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