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Monday Night Flashback: 1983

No, I don’t expect all of you to be able to flashback to 1983!! It’s more about what happened in 1983, namely I got my ears pierced.

Last week, Little Sally J got her ears pierced for her sixth birthday. She started showing interest in getting them done in kindergarten, when various friends started getting them pierced. We struck a deal – if she got better about a few things (taking care of her hair, glasses and teeth), she could get them done for her birthday. She obliged and she got them done.

Walking into Claire’s was a flashback experience– while I didn’t actually get my ears pierced at Claire’s, I sure as heck spent a good deal of my allowance and babysitting money there are on fun earrings and accessories.

I actually got my ears pierced at the JC Penney’s salon, in 1983. I was ten. I don’t remember having to wait terribly long- my bff and I had the idea we wanted to get them done, and our moms took us shortly thereafter.

Was there a rule in your house regarding age or responsibility when you wanted to get your ears pierced?

On the way of out the mall, Little Sally J told me she wanted to get more earrings on her ear– I told her any more piercings will have to be discussed in 2021, when she turns sixteen!

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I got my ears pierced as a baby! I got my daughter’s ears pierced as infants as well. Definately a culture thing. Later I went and pierced them with a 12 gauge or 14 (something small I believe) when I was in my early 20’s. Oh and I got the cartilage pierced when I was in high school but it got infected.

I had to be 10. So my aunt brought me – it hurt like a *$%&, and when I went home my dad said “Why did you mutilate yourself like that?”. Thanks dad!

I had to get them redone too, because they closed up the first night I took them out after 8 weeks. Hurt like a *%&^ again then, too! I’d actually prefer to get another tattoo… much less painful.

I had mine done when I was in 4th grade, at age 9. My mom and I took my cousin to a store in the strip mall that was supposed to be much nicer (read: more clinical) than Claire’s. My cousin’s mother was sick, but she had promised her she could get hers done at age 10, so it fell on my mom to take her. When she was finished, the man then smiled at me and asked to hop up in the chair to get mine donw. Being the goody-two-shoes that I was, I calmly said, “oh I’m not allowed until I’m 10.” Of course this had been pre-arranged, but my mom had to convince me that yes, she really did approve, and yes, I really could get mine done. I was soooo excited to get those little gold studs! I twisted them religiously and used rubbing alcohol 2x a day until I got the green light that they would ‘stick.’

I still remember having to wait until I was 12 to be allowed to wear “dangles” though!

My mom actually had to talk me into piercing my ears. I was 5 or 6 when I had them done, it was at one of those kiosks in the middle of the mall, and I’m pretty sure I cried. My parents let me get my cartilage pierced when I was in 8th grade and second set of holes I had done in high school. They must have had to sign off because I think I was still under 18.

Third holes, nose, conch, tragus and the stretching of the first holes were all done after I was 18, so no permission needed.

Though I should add that my mom actually went with my when I got my nose pierced, as well as the conch. I got the third holes while I was on a break during a job at a store in the mall, and the tragus when I was in college, so I was by myself.

The tragus actually feels the most independent and personal because I decided to do it, went to the shop, had it done, paid, etc, all on my own and didn’t even bother to tell my parents until the next time I was visiting.

I definitely had to earn my pierced ears at the age of 9, and then I was closely monitored in the cleaning and maintenance of the piercings. Apparently, my dad’s sister, whom he raised, got her ears pierced and then promptly got a horrible infection wherein her earrings fused to her ears and she had to have them surgically removed. Gross! I was much better with mine. I never had any desire to get any more piercings, though. I didn’t cry, but I still hate pain.

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