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Monday Night Flashback OT: Friendship Bracelets

It’s Monday night and time to take a trip down memory lane. I couldn’t date this one, because I’ve gone through more than one phase of friendship bracelet making/sharing. Yesterday, though, I found out from my niece that friendship bracelets are alive and well, and I’m currently sporting one on my wrist.

Friendship bracelets are usually made from embroidery or other string. They can be thick or thin, twisted or tied. It doesn’t really matter, as long as you are making them for friends and they are making them for you.

And you pledge to not take said bracelet off for a long, long, time. My niece has been sporting one all summer, and she swears she won’t take it off til she’s 85.

How old were you when you starting making/sharing friendship bracelets? Does anyone besides me remember friendship pins (tiny beads on a safety pin we put on our shoes)? What else did you make excess of to share with friends?


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