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Monday Night Flashback: OT

Happy August 1st!

It’s hard for me to believe, but we are celebrating a birthday in my house this week. My daughter is turning six, and really, it’s going to be a month-long celebration.She’ll have her cake on the actual day, ear-piercing sometime this coming weekend, a cupcake with grandparents next week, and then a party with cousins at the end of the month.

Tonight’s flashback is inspired by her six-year-oldness: what’s the first birthday you can remember?

For me, it was my fifth birthday, which took place in 1978. I had a party for all the neighborhood kids at my house, and we showed a movie on our movie projector and ate popcorn. I’m thinking mostly I remember it because of the pictures.

It was either that year or the following year that I got a bike for my birthday, which I do remember. I ran into my parents’ bedroom that morning, and my dad asked for me to grab a blanket for him. I grabbed the blanket, and what did I uncover? MY NEW BIKE. It was most awesome.

What’s the first birthday you remember celebrating?

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I have earlier non-birthday memories than this, but my fifth birthday sticks out because we were living with my mother’s parents at the time, and my father’s parents came over to celebrate my birthday. I was very confused by seeing one set of grandparents in the other’s house. I think I asked them if they knew each other? Also, being allowed to pick the cereal brand of your choice for the entire week of your birthday was a really big deal for me! (Captain Crunch, every year.)

My fifth birthday: mom took my twin brother and me, along with a handful of friends, to a “Discovery Zone” – remember those?

I remember playing so hard my nose bled. I remember throwing a tantrum when half of all my presents were dolls and stuffed animals, while my brother got nerf guns and legos. I practically made myself ill with jealousy.

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