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My Top 5 Favorite Lists

Last year I got one of the best birthday presents ever. In fact, if I were going to make a list of my Top 5 Birthday Presents, it would be number 4: not quite as cool as getting my ears pierced, but slightly more fun than my pink Doc Martens. What could this wonderful gift be? It’s a book! TheĀ Music Listography Journal, to be exact.

How can you resist the mix-tape

Music Listography, written by Lisa Nola and illustrated by Michael Gillette, is a semi-blank book with over sixty different music-related lists for you to fill in. Some are standard, such as “List Your 20 Favorite Bands,” and some make you think outside the music-listing box, like “List Songs That Capture Your Hometown.” As I have mentioned before, I have a weakness for making Top [whatever] lists. I also have a thing for guided journals (one year I gave everyone in my family copies of Wreck This Journal for Christmas and we spent Christmas day trashing the hell out of those books, it was awesome) so as far as I’m concerned Music Listography is like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup – two great tastes that taste great together.

Now, as promised in the title, here are my favorite lists – in no particular order – from the book:

  • List Twenty Albums You’d Bring If You Were Leaving Earth on a Spaceship
  • List the Most Treasured Music Memorabilia You’ve Owned
  • List Songs You’d Strip to
  • List Your Guilty Pleasures
  • List Band Names for Your Fictitious Bands


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