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Persephone Magazine Now Available for Kindle

We know you love your Kindles, Persephoneers– and now you can love us on your Kindle. Debuting this week, there is now a subscription option for Persephone Magazine in the Kindle Store. For $1.99 per month, our feed will be wirelessly delivered fresh to your Kindle throughout the day. Do you read on your Kindle during your commute? Is it easier not to get busted at work with your Kindle in your desk drawer than your browser open to PM? We understand!

Are you ready to try it out? Start your free 14-day trial subscription right now! Let us know what you think! Connect to Persephone Magazine in the Kindle Store.

(Please note, it’s not available using the Kindle app on other devices… yet.)


6 replies on “Persephone Magazine Now Available for Kindle”

You are making me want a kindle more than I already did!!! Agggh :-P! (For the record, I was/am holding out until most academic publications are available electronically- which will probably be shortly before the apocalypse/approximately never/not be until the print media industry has truly disappeared given that most academic books in my field have a circulation of 500-2500)

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