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Recap: Being Human UK, Episode 3.06, “Daddy Ghoul”

We open in Paris, 1933, where Herrick and Mitchell (whose hair has never looked better!) are having a little tiff. Mitchell wanted to turn someone that wasn’t exactly quality material. Herrick lectures him about choosing who he turns carefully: building proteges, heirs, secret keepers, even saviors to bring you back from death.

Back in the present day, Mitchell has momentarily switched from his plan of trying to kill Herrick to trying to make him better. He feeds Herrick some of his own blood, in the hopes it will bring his memories back, but it’s not enough; he needs human blood. Coincidentally, Nancy Reed, a detective investigating anonymous leads on the box tunnel massacre, arrives and she’s hurt her knee on her way up the steps. Nina cleans her up in the bathroom and Herrick can smell the blood, even going to suck on the bloody tissues once she leaves.

After she gets cleaned up, she asks to speak to Mitchell. An anonymous tip was called in that he might know something about the murders, but he denies any knowledge. Nina stares at him as Reed announces that she’s done there. As Mitchell walks her to the door, Annie wonders who would have given them Mitchell’s name. Nina suspects they’ll never know, but Annie thinks that Mitchell will want to find out. On the contrary, though, Annie’s the one obsessed with it and Mitchell wants her to drop it. She knows that he’s holding something inside and she gets him to open up about Daisy. Instead of confessing, though, he makes it sound like Daisy did it by herself. He doesn’t want to turn her in because it would shed light on the vampire world.

Annie, being Annie, won’t let it go and eavesdrops on Detective Reed as she works. Reed is pleading with her boss to let her check John Mitchell out again, but her boss thinks it’s a dead end and puts her on desk duty. Annie checks out Reed’s case board and notices Lia’s face as one of the box tunnel victims. When Annie shows the picture to Mitchell, he says he doesn’t recognize her. Annie explains that she was in purgatory and that she thinks she needs to help Reed solve the case for Lia. She’s left a Post-it at Reed’s desk saying, “Ask John Mitchell what Daisy did.”

Detective Reed pays Mitchell another visit and asks about Daisy. Mitchell says that he knows a Daisy. Thinks that Hannigan-Spitare is her surname. And that she did mention the box tunnel attacks after they happened, but he can’t remember what she said, though. He doesn’t know where to find her, either. Before she leaves, Reed goes to use the bathroom and finds Herrick being ultra creepy at he door when she’s done. He tells her that he wants to show her where Mitchell buries his nightmares. She goes with him, because she’s apparently never seen a scary movie before, and Herrick shows her the box tunnel scrapbook. As she rushes down the stairs, Mitchell spots the book in her bag and confronts her. She gives him the book back, but she knows she’s on to something.

Later that night, Mitchell makes a fire and destroys the book. Would have been better to do that a few weeks ago, wouldn’t it, Mitchell?

In the B-story, George sees the obituary notice of his father and, as he lurks at his dad’s funeral, he encounters George Sr.’s ghost. George explains how being a ghost works to him and Dad explains that things at home changed after George disappeared; mom Ruth took up with George’s old gym teacher and Dad moved out. George tries to help his dad move on, but George Sr. suspects that a reconciliation between George and his mum would help that happen. George doesn’t feel he can burden her with his secret, though. Eventually, though, he goes to speak with her, giving a cover story of having been sucked into a cult. It’s not a happy reconciliation as Gym Teacher Boyfriend is a bit of a prick about the whole thing. When George and Nina get back to his dad’s caravan, they find the ghost eating and the story unravels. George Sr. didn’t really die; there was a homeless man found in his shed after a fire, but he used it as an opportunity to start over. It went too far, though. Nina and George implore him to try and win his wife back, ensuring him that she still loves him.

At a welcome home BBQ that George’s mum had planned, they bring George Sr. Ruth can’t believe it. Gym Teacher (who’s name is apparently Marcus) is pissed and wants to throw him out. George Sr. finally fights back for his wife and punches Marcus. Ruth admits that she still loves George and Marcus is the one sent packing. As the reunited family sits down together, George finally says the words out loud to his family: “I am a werewolf.” His dad asks if he’s taking medication and assures him it’ll get better. Nina gives him a supportive wink.

By Crystal Coleman

Florida girl living on the west coast. During the day, I consult in social media and community management. I have a really cute puppy (Elphaba) and a British husband (I keep him for his accent) as well as an unhealthy relationship with parentheses.

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