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I’ve been participating in a Weight Watchers support group at my office since April of this year, and it’s been a great way to keep myself motivated and inspired. First, let me start out with some facts about me. I have been overweight most of my life, and dieted many times, even twice on Weight Watchers. I now have diabetes, have been taking medicine for six years (since I got pregnant with my babies) and am taking the most amount of medication I really can without switching to insulin. I know what it takes to live well; I am smart and have learned things over the years, but I have strong habits that make it hard to break out of the pattern of eating poorly and treating myself without respect. 
I decided to do the Weight Watchers program at work this year because I was finally fed up and had to try something to help move me forward to getting healthy. Since being on the program I have lost about 20 lbs, which is a good accomplishment, but the best product of my work is the effect that this program has had on my health. Because of the weight loss and the attention paid to my routine, my A1C level has been cut in half and down into a healthy range (almost like a normal person without diabetes!) and I have stopped taking one of the three high doses of medicines I have been taking for a while. This is HUGE in the path to my healthy lifestyle.

I have also learned to be mindful of the stuff I am putting into my face. If I eat something that normally I would call bad and feel bad about it, now I just track it and make a better choice later in the day. It makes me remember that it is OK to eat something I really want, as long as I budget for it later on. I am relearning portion sizes. I am learning that I really don’t have to have crackers for a snack,  a piece of fruit or a vegetable really will satisfy my cravings. But most of all, learning that normal people eat cake, and eat chips, but when they do, they only have a little and can stop.

All of the things above seem to be common sense and seem to be something that anyone could figure out on their own, and many people do,  but for me, I could not do it on my own. That is why the meetings at work, with people I know and like, and who are right in my face each day, help me to remember that I need to make these changes and I need to keep up with it. When I am having a hard day, I remember that there are people around me who are positively supporting me.

This is really the biggest part of why the Weight Watchers at work is really working for me and making me want to keep going. In the past, I get into a program or schedule of eating well and exercising, and do a great job for about three or four weeks, then something derails me and I go off the grid and never get back on the train. With the program at work, I just have to run a little bit and I can jump back on as things pop up.

I need help and support, and this is the way it is working for me. I am so happy to work for a company that thinks this is important and offers the space to have this meeting to make it easier for me and other people who want to respect their bodies and health of their families.

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thanks to you who offer comments. I am kind of bad at computering… so thanks for the support. I have had some good weeks and some really bad weeks while joining, but nothing has made me want to throw in the WW towel. I am even exercising now and I like it.

Congratulations! what a great support team. last year I discovered green smoothies (Hiding veggies in fruit shakes) and it has made a huge difference for me. I haven’t lost weight, but I now eat 3 cups of raw kale EVERY day! I gotta feel good about all those fruits and veggies I’m getting in.

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