The Music of My Youth: It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me

Recently I’ve been revisiting a lot of the music of my youth.  Usually when we say something like this, we are talking about our teen years, but I’ve been listening to the music that permeated the airwaves of my childhood.  I was born in the ’70s, so I’m talking about artists like James Taylor, Billy Joel and Elton John.

It’s strange.  When I listen to music I remember from high school or college I get a little thrill and I feel younger for a minute, but the songs I remember from grade school give me a sense of peacefulness that is hard to describe.  It’s like they are a part of me.  The melodies are so ingrained that singing along with a song like Only the Good Die Young feels like I’ve turned up the volume on something that’s been playing somewhere in my head all along.  It’s a curious sensation, but I like it.

The other interesting aspect of this revisiting is that it’s like a treasure hunt.  Every album I listen to eventually leads me to another.  I started with Sam Cooke, who is arguably my favorite artist of all time, and he made me remember how much I like Elton John.  Elton John led me to James Taylor, who in turn reminded me of BIlly Joel.  Listening to Billy Joel turned my mind to Jackson Browne.  I think people forget about Jackson Browne.  You’ve probably heard at least one of his songs, but you may not have known it was him.  As someone who has always loved his music, as well as someone who used to be a stagehand, this song qualifies as one of my all-time favorites:

On the right kind of day, even the opening chords are enough to make me a little misty.

It’s an odd musical journey and I’m curious to know where it will end up.  Jackson Browne has got me thinking that I need to listen to Lou Reed or Dire Straits.  If I get one of their albums, who will they lead me to?  I have no idea, but I plan to enjoy the ride.

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I’ve also been relistening to music from my teenage years. Even though those years (actually all years up until I left home) were very unhappy the music of that time makes me feel happy and younger.

The other day I listened to a compilation of Matt Bianco’s hits and it transported me back to the days when I simply couldn’t survive without the radio on and hearing a favourite song made me squeal with delight.

Recently I’ve been cycling through a few CDs: two 80s compilations, Matt Bianco, Luther Vandross, Bonnie Tyler (I’m holding out for a hero!) and Tears for Fears. Speaking of the latter, it’s only now that I’ve fully grasped just how crazy talented Curt and Roland are.

Oh, Dire Straits is definitely music of my childhood. I re-listened to some of Brothers in Arms in the car with my mum last week, and it’s still so good. The other artists I have vivid memories of are Kate Bush and Fleetwood Mac. It’s interesting what you say about the songs of your grade school years making you feel more peaceful: listening to music from when I was a teenager often makes me relive a lot of angst, but stuff from childhood I can mostly just enjoy.

I know that feeling you are talking about. Now you’ve got me thinking about John Denver. Annie’s Song was actually one of my favorite songs to sing my babies to sleep…back when they were babies! Oooohh, and Simon and Garfunkel! I’m gonna have to go dig out all of my old music now!

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