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This Open Thread Screams At The Top Of Her Lungs

I couldn’t possibly love Alix Olson more than I already do.  I’m not sure that she’s as active as she was 5 or so years ago. But her poetry is amazing, and I am bringing one of my favorites to you today to kick off our open thread!I hope everyone is making it through this week OK!  And let me know what you think about Alix Olson, and check out more of her stuff!

By Luci Furious

There are no bad times, only good stories.

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I luhrve Alix Olson! I hadn’t heard of her until my senior year of college when we were organizing Take Back the Night – a few other women suggested trying to get her as our speaker/performer and I fell in love with her work. It looked iffy for a while, budget-wise, but we were able to get her to come and it was a really great event!

It’s still a work in progress! We’re hoping to appease the server demons that cause random crashes, mass publishing, and really slow load times. I know Selena’s been working on it all night, but some of the features/fixes need to be tweaked by hand, and she’s only one lady (albeit one awesome lady), so rest assured, it’s on the list.

Glad (most of) you guys seem to like the new layout! Change is scary, but we’re heading for a faster, easier-to-read ladyblogsite.

Oh my goodness, the new layout is BLOWING MY MIND. It still takes forever to load though :-(

Also, random thought: does anybody else measure their maturity level by how they related to the Lord of the Rings, or is that just me? For instance, I always wanted to be an elf. But upon revisiting LoTR, I’ve decided I’m pretty happy with my hobbit-like self. I assume this is maturity.

Love the LoTR thing. Not sure which way I’d go, but while watching it with my friends we did assign each other characters. My BFF is Gimli, she’s reliable and bad ass and would definitely have a sweet beard if she was a dude (never mind that she’s stunning). Her husband is totes Frodo, he’s the quiet hero. My man’s Aragorn, burly, probably wielded a sword in a past life. I like to think I’m Gandalf, but probably the Grey, and even that’s probably reaching. More likely I’m Pippin or Merry.

Y’know, I thought about humans, but I still think hobbit is for me. I’m all about country living, and simple pleasures like a good dinner and drinks with my friends (I’d probably be up singing and dancing on the table like Merry and Pippin.) I suppose I’d have to lose some inches, but eh.

I saw a Craigslist post today for exactly the same job I do now for $1 more per hour at a different firm. Actually considered it, despite not wanting to do this job for more than another year. And then I realized that Creepy, Possibly Harassing Coworker aside, I really like the people. (And then we got approval notices on two cases I wrote.) So, there’s that.

Also, I’ve just signed up for Postcrossing and I’m really excited! Except I can’t figure out where to get fun, non-drugstore postcards. Anyone have ideas? All the bookstores around here have gone under…

So, I had an hour long interview at Tommy Bahama (restaurant) today. It was open interviews, which I have never experienced before, but I talked to two managers, which I noticed none of the other applicants I saw interview did. So that’s a good sign? Tomorrow I’m taking a mini vacay, but when I get back, I am going to apply to more administrative assistant positions at law firms, and maybe some editing positions, since I did that for three years before law school. I feel pretty good about how the interview went today, but I honestly don’t know if I see myself serving for as long as it could take for me to get barred. I just don’t know what to day when people ask how long I’ll be able to commit to them when everyone knows I want to be a lawyer. Several months, at least, but who knows in this economy? We’re all just very scared.

And so the site looks different? I like it? I think? I do, I just need to get used to it.

Thanks! I feel bad complaining because I know SO many other people are in the same boat, but I just feel better writing down my plan and sharing it. Even if I get a different job than Tommy Bahama, it feels good to have had a good interview. Gives me hope.

I find that I get a lot of confidence from job offers/good interviews, which is totally bizarre, but it doesn’t matter what the job is. At least you know you are somewhat employable!

I apologize if my grammar is poor, I worked on my car all day with little success and now I have a Manhattan so all bets are off.

I just started serving to help offset my grad school debt, and at my place at least, the turnover rate is pretty high. I don’t think anybody will expect you to commit for years – as long as you do well, and stay long enough to be worth the shifts it takes to train you (which could just be a few months) you should do find serving. And frankly I think it’s REALLY valuable for anybody to have experience in a retail/serving job. It gives you a different perspective on work, pay, customer service, etc. Plus, it’ll probably make you a good tipper for life (which anybody else in service will appreciate.)

I just told them I could work through their busy season. And I mean, considering getting a job at this point, seems pretty realistic, I think.

I know what you mean about it making you a good tipper. I think people who have served are also more pleasant customers. I worked as a hostess in undergrad and then waited tables the summer before law school, and while I was never demanding or rude or disrespectful (my mom waited tables through med school and my dad’s mom owned and worked in a restaurant), I am definitely very self conscious of my requests when I place an order. I don’t want to be THAT customer!

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