What Things Cost: Housing Round-up

As I promised yesterday, I looked at my whole collection of data to create the following assorted listicles based on the information I collected, plus a few other random facts and assumptions I found along the way.  For example, I thought Miami was much bigger than 433,000 people.

All of this data comes from, from information collected in 2009, and the 2010 US census.

Before we get into the lists, here’s some fun facts about the whole body of data:

Average population:647,099

Average median household income:$45,715

Average home cost:$252,041

Average rent: $860

Ten Cities with Largest Population

Detroit, Michigan: 910,920

Bronx, NYC: 1,383,871

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 1,547,297

Phoenix, Arizona: 1,601,587

Manhattan, NYC: 1,621,897

Houston, Texas: 2,257,926

Queens, NYC: 2,277,251

Brooklyn, NYC: 2,538,705

Chicago, Illinois: 2,851,268

Los Angeles, California: 3,831,868

Ten Cities with Smallest Population

Charleston, South Carolina: 115,638

Manchester, New Hampshire: 109,395

Fargo, North Dakota: 95,556

Santa Fe, New Mexico: 73,720

Wilmington, Delaware: 73,069

Portland, Maine: 63,008

Cheyenne, Wyoming: 56,160

Charleston, West Virginia: 50,267

Helena, Montana: 29,939

Montpelier, Vermont: 7,705


Ten Cities with Hightest Median Family Income

Santa Fe, New Mexico: $52,045

Queens, NYC: $55,120

Boston, Massachusetts: $55,979

Honolulu, Hawaii: $57,601

Washington, DC: $59,290

Seattle, Washington: $60,843

Manhattan, NYC: $68,706

San Francisco, California: $70,770

Anchorage, Alaska: $72,832

Arlington, Virginia: $96,218


Ten Cities with the Lowest Median Family Income

Newark, New Jersey: $35,963

St. Louis, Missouri: $34,801

Wilmington, Delaware: $34,381

Bronx, NYC: $32,893

Louisville, Kentucky: $32,483

Jackson, Mississippi: $31,875

Birmingham, Alabama: $30,481

Buffalo, New York: $29,285

Miami, Florida: $28,999

Detroit, Michigan: $26,098


Ten Highest Median Home Prices

Bronx, NYC: $393,600

Washington, DC: $443,700

Seattle, Washington: $452,000

LA, California: $465,700

Queens, NYC: $475,600

Arlington, Virginia: $559,000

Brooklyn, NYC: $570,300

Honolulu, Hawaii: $593,000

San Francisco, California: $751,600

Manhattan, NYC: $849,000


Ten Lowest Median Home Prices

Louisville, Kentucky: $121,331

St. Louis, Missouri: $121,300

Tulsa, Oklahoma: $121,100

Indianapolis, Indiana: $120,400

Des Moines, Iowa: $120,300

Witchita, Kansas: $115,800

Jackson, Mississippi: $93,700

Birmingham, Alabama: $87,300

Detroit, Michigan: $67,000

Buffalo, New York: $66,200

























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