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You Complete Me, Internet: 10 Things to See and Do While Riding the Intertubes This Week

Oh, intertubes, filled with wonderment, glitter and memes. What did we do before we had you? Aside from go outside more, that is. If you’re stuck in your office, or in your home with a few minutes to kill, take a trip down this list of interesting crap other people are doing in the introwebs.

1. “Beyond Angry Birds

2. Emily Gould on The Bell Jar

3. Another reason we should work toward gender equality.

4. One of the best pieces I’ve ever read about education.

5. “Turning a Scammer into a Hero: An Email Exchange“.

6. “The Word That Turned the Entire Internet into Sneering, Dismissive Pricks” by Persephone “Smexiest Man Alive” (along with Neil Degrasse Tyson) nominee Dustin Rowles.

7. Endless Potential Fun at less than $1 per pound.

8. In 1973, everyone was Mary Tyler Moore. We did that too.


10. The worst thing I’ve read about education this week.

And a video of sneezing babies, just because I love you.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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