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You Complete Me, Internet: Brainy and Retro Edition

I hope everyone has their signed permission slips, because it’s time for a field trip through all the wonderful twists and turns of our wonderful internets. Today’s adventure is going to take us way in the past, way in the future and past a fella who’s going to regret a prominent choice soon. Grab your sack lunch!

E unibus pluram: television and U.S. fiction writers, by the wordy and opinionated David Foster Wallace. (The Free Library)

So this guy you might have heard of retired this week. Read a 1985 Playboy interview with the one, the only Steve Jobs here.

I found this through a link on, I have no idea in what context it was presented, but whoo boy howdy, that tat makes a statement.

I really need a far from the usual.

Aaliyah died ten years and one day ago, here’s a great profile of her. (Fader)

The Chilling Story of Genius in a Land of Chronic Unemployment (TechCrunch)

The most meta thing in an Internet teeming with meta things, The Daily Dot, a daily blog about Internet culture.

Steampunk Vader (Neatorama)

A groovy Flickr group chock full of dollhouse pictures.

GenX icon (warts and all) Jane Pratt gave us Sassy, and a lot of things named after herself. She has a newish website, and it ran this: It Happened to Me: My Boyfriend Died. It made me cry. Please don’t sue us for using “We try it,” Jane. (xojane)

Math education and the real world.  (GOOD)

Wall Street Journal, noted education publication (that’s sarcasm.) sues NY schools for test score data with teacher names. (HuffPo)

White House is planning jobs roundtable. (Official White House website)

Quirky North American Festivals Quiz (How Stuff Works)

Folk Remedies from Around the World (Mental Floss)


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