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You Complete Me, Internet: Stuff to Read over the Weekend

It’s another exciting addition of You Complete Me, Internet, wherein I act as your guide on a field trip through the most interesting, weird, educational and otherwise noteworthy places I could find in the wild, wild, World Wide Web. Fasten your seatbelts and make sure your tray tables are in their locked and upright positions, our interns will be around with the beverage cart in a few moments.

This is an engaged couple after our own hearts, and I bet it will be one helluva wedding. (Scroll down. Keep scrolling.)

Here’s a really interesting profile on a high-achieving high school in Beijing. (Fast Company)

It’s officially DAVID TENNANT IN A BIG DAMN MOVIE DAY here at Persephone, so here’s Ten Things You Should Know About Fright Night (Wired)

And here’s #11

Why Math Works, turns out it’s not magic like I’ve been lead to believe. (Scientific American)

True Facts: 96% of Humans Would Rather Be Animatronic Bear (The Onion)

An interview with Sid and Marty Krofft, warping childhoods for decades. (A/V Club)

Our good friend Joanna from Pajiba is about to embark on a killing spree, and it makes us love her more.

Infographic on everything wrong with the US Chamber of Commerce. (Good Magazine)

For all of us in SYTYCD withdraw, here’s a tumblr full of .gifs.

Generation F*cked (I’m not telling you which generation is f*cked, you’ll have to click. At this point it’s probably all of them anyway.) (AdBusters)

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Aw, I wanted to read about the engaged couple, but it says I need a password. :(

But just after I finished writing this, my boyfriend goes, “can we do this when we get married?” and showed me the thing I think you linked to. AND MY ANSWER WAS YES. To the thing. Not to the getting married thing. Yet.

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