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A Few Reasons You Should Watch Community Tomorrow

I spent all of last year recapping Community, and  while sometimes it was lonely to do so, I was happy to watch the buzz around P-Mag, and the Internet as a whole, grow as the spectacular second season picked up steam. From the Halloween zombie episode to the two-part paintball finale, season 2 set the bar pretty high. I hope I’m not once again one of the only people around here who’s excited about the season premiere. AM I?

In case I am, I thought I’d break down a few very profound reasons why you should watch Community tomorrow.

John Goodman’s face ““ He’ll be joining the cast this season as the associate dean of Greendale’s air conditioning repair school. Yes he will. I didn’t realize how much I missed seeing that man on my television until I saw the first Community promo featuring him. Oh, Roseanne, you’re still missed.

Shirtless Joel McHale ““ I mean, if a billiards class can get McHale’s Jeff Winger to drop trou, then who’s to say he won’t find another excuse? Joel McHale is attractive and Jeff Winger is conceited. This is an excellent combination.

Annie’s Boobs ““ While we’re objectifying, might as well point out that season 2 featured plenty of Annie cleavage. I’m sure there will be more. If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll also see Annie’s Boobs, the monkey.

It will spawn a thousand YouTube tribute videos ““ There are a lot of people out there (not that I know any. Or am one.) who get really into the idea of certain characters getting together. (I know there’s a cute Internet nickname for this phenomenon, but I still haven’t decided if I like it or not.) I just so happen to like Britta and Jeff together, but even I have to roll my eyes at the Breff tribute videos out there. Still, they get progressively less funny the more you watch them, so I’m glad tomorrow’s new episode will give devoted fans some new footage from which to pull meaningful glances.

It will be better than Playboy Club ““ Aw, boo. Sorry, Hef.

POP POP! ““ Sometimes real words aren’t enough to express how you feel. (He’s a one man party!)

And because it’s been a long summer without the study group ““ Yeah, I even miss Pierce. I hear he’ll be less evil this season.

See you Friday afternoon in the recap, y’all!

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Season 2, the show was co-worker-with-heroin-addiction erratic.  Certainly Josh Holloway as the hired gun paintballer was inspired, but Pierce’s season long funk dragged everything down.  And that full Abed punk’d episode sucked the joy out of me for at least three weeks.  Here’s hoping the show cleans up and gets back to issues i care about, like Shirley’s life as a boozer.

I just got in to Community through a few season 2 episodes on DVD (and the last five of the season which are currently on Hulu) but I am BEYOND hooked, and have my DVR set for tomorrow night.

Although I have to say…maybe it’s just because I haven’t watched too many episodes yet, but I don’t find Annie nearly as obnoxious as you do.  I actually ended up liking her better than Britta in the episodes I’ve seen.  I also have a massive crush on her (and not just her boobs), so maybe that has something to do with it.

But anyways, just wanted to let you know that at least one Persephoneer is eagerly awaiting the new episodes, even if I am a relative newcomer to the show.

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