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Recap: Being Human, Episode 3.07, “Though the Heavens Fall”

Our flashback opens twenty years ago. Herrick certainly knew how to run the dog fights better than anyone we’ve seen. There are balloons, he’s dressed as a ringleader, it’s very circus-like. In the cage, a man in a suit cowers in the corner as a naked man lays in the middle of the floor, dead. Herrick is at a loss because this is just so unusual. We see that the man in the suit is McNair. They put him, an ordinary human, up against the werewolf and somehow, McNair won. Herrick acknowledges that it’s a lot to take in, realizing that monsters are real and humans are just allowed to exist in their world. Herrick is impressed with the man and his ability to survive unharmed. McNair says that he wasn’t unharmed as he shows Herrick the scratch. “Oops,” Herrick replies as he starts laughing.

Back in the present, Mitchell is still trying to convince Annie that giving up Daisy as the Box Tunnel killer is a bad idea. He describes it as First Contact. There’s no infrastructure to sort it out now. Annie asks what if it was her on that train, dead. Mitchell replies that he’d tear the world apart. “That’s the correct answer.”

Reed sees her boss and tells him about Daisy, but the only Daisy Hannigan-Spitare she could find died in an air raid in 1941. She thinks Mitchell’s concealing something and tells her boss about the scrapbook. Annie, who has been eavesdropping, is shocked to hear about it. Boss tells her that they have a list of suspects with a history of violence; arrest one of them or get fired, basically.

At home, Nina shaves Herrick. He asks if she trusts Mitchell, as he’s been telling the man that he’s a vampire. Herrick reveals that he could hear the woman’s blood, which doesn’t happen with Nina, George, or Annie. Nina tells him that whatever he is, it doesn’t have to define him. Herrick says he’s hunger now, that’s all he is. He has dark desires and can’t sleep. Nina tells him not to become comfortable in this house: “Stay separate, stay appalled.” He tells her that he showed Reed the scrapbook. Nina is conflicted.

Downstairs, McNair and Tom arrive and McNair is injured. He says it was vampires, payback for the dogfight. He’s surprised that they haven’t come for Nina and George yet. He says they must be off-limits because of the poster boy they live with. McNair notices Nina’s demeanor and says something’s changed. Besides the fact that she appears to be showing already. Nina shrugs it off.

George tells Tom that he should be living up his twenties, not traveling around killing vampires. He offers to let him stay there, but Tom doesn’t think McNair would like that. When they rejoin the others, McNair says that they should maybe stay a while. It’s a full moon tonight and he’ll change in the basement, since he’s injured.

Annie is in the bathroom with Reed and she’s rationalizing the scrapbook. She thinks that Mitchell must be investigating it himself, since there’s no infrastructure, of course. Reed resolves herself to get John Mitchell. Annie says that’s great. Sort of.

Mitchell arrives home and sees Tom and McNair. George says they’ve got guests. Mitchell says it’s fine and heads upstairs. Annie tells him not to go far. Mitchell goes to see Herrick; it’s a full moon and tonight is standing room only for wolves, so he wants to know how Herrick came back to life. Herrick freaks out at the riddles, he doesn’t know what Mitchell wants from him. Mitchell knows there’s one way to bring him back, but he won’t do that. Yet.

Annie tells George and Nina that she knows who did the Box Tunnel killings, Daisy. George is shocked and then says, “Who?” Nina asks about the scrapbook. Annie says that was him investigating, that’s what vampires do. Nina is shocked that he didn’t do it. George is shocked that it was Daisy, but says that it makes sense. She was pretty wild, surprisingly strong, and nimble. Nina reminds him that they can hear him.

Mitchell comes downstairs and finds Reed back again. She asks about the scrapbook. He says it wasn’t him. He explains about Graham putting it together, he thought it was gross. Says he burnt it. Annie wonders why he didn’t just say. Upstairs, Herrick wakes from his sleep because he hears Reed’s blood. Reed wants to talk about Daisy now and asks why he gave them the name of someone who died 70 years ago. Mitchell says she was a fantasist, always coming up with stuff. Reed says he’s dicking her around. She knows because of his body language and speech. She wants to speak to Uncle Billy again. Mitchell says it’s not a good idea. She says she doesn’t bite. Mitchell changes his mind and goes to make sure Billy is presentable. Herrick doesn’t want to speak to her; he can’t be trusted. “The first time we met we were soldiers,” Mitchell tells Herrick. “Men have to do things that they never dream of. Things that seem terrible, but in a war, these things seem heroic, they can save lives.” Herrick says they’re not in a war, but Mitchell insists that they are. Tells him that things that seem bad are actually brave. Herrick implores him to keep the woman away. Mitchell tells him to be brave enough to let nature take its course.

Outside, Annie asks what he’s doing. Tells him to give up Daisy. He says if that happens, everything ends and that he’s dealing with it. Downstairs, Nina confesses to Reed that she’s the one that reported him to the help line; she got the wrong end of the stick. She gives her Daisy’s name again. Reed points out she died in 1941 and doesn’t like that people in this house keep lying to her. Mitchell takes Reed upstairs to Herrick. As soon as he closes the door, he’s wracked with guilt. Reed talks to Herrick, but all he hears is blood pounding as he comes closer to her. Mitchell pulls her out of the room, just as Herrick’s teeth come out. Mitchell says that Billy’s not in the right state and she needs to come back some other time. On her way out, Reed grabs a glass she’s handed to Mitchell earlier and puts it in a fingerprint bag.

The wolves get ready for the moon that night, George and Tom by getting the chickens ready and Nina by tidying up and checking out her definitely showing belly. George, Nina and Tom head out for the night as McNair stays at the house. After Annie pops away, McNair writes a note.

Reed (followed by Annie), heads down to where the Boxcar is stored to meet up with Agent Cooper, who has the results on the fingerprints. He found two matches: Sheffield, 1960, which seems unlikely, and the Box Tunnel Massacre. Annie says that’s can’t be true. Cooper says that the prints were in some of the blood; he was definitely around post mortem, so he has to be the guy. Cooper says he suspects the concern is she’ll find something else. And then he punches her. I did not see that coming.

Mitchell comes home and calls out to see if anyone’s there. No one answers so he relaxes, sighs, “Prophecy, my ass,” and grabs a beer. He sits down as McNair comes from around the corner and puts on his vampire killing necklace before heading upstairs.

Cooper explains that they’ve gone to a lot of trouble covering this up. Mitchell really made a mess of this one. He says she’s good at what she does and they generally like that, but just went too far. She says she’s arresting him and he says she’s not really getting this. They can’t really be arrested. Says her friend the ghost left her, too. Cooper comes around the corner for her but he reveals that he won’t kill her; she’s been head-hunted. Evolutionary promotion. Annie pops up behind him and stakes him.

McNair enters Herrick’s room. Says he would never forget that scent. Herrick says he’ll scream and Mitchell will come. McNair says that’s the plan: two for one. He tells Herrick about all the teeth on his necklace: Marco, Daisy, the open space is for him. Herrick says he’s not the same man. McNair starts to change. Mitchell takes a look at the board and snarks, “Look at me, I’m a saint,” before leaving. Upstairs, McNair changes in front of a terrified Herrick. Herrick holds his knife out (that he snuck earlier while Nina was changing the sheets) as McNairWolf charges him.

Nina and George head to the hospital in the morning to see if they can get snuck in for an ultrasound. Nina says she’s 8 weeks, but the doctor says that can’t be right, she must be at least 16. Or having a giant. Uh-oh.

Mitchell comes home as Reed waits outside in her car. Mitchell senses something isn’t right and runs upstairs. McNair’s naked dead body lays on the ground. Herrick says that McNair became a monster and attacked him. Downstairs, Reed calls in for an assist to arrest John Mitchell. Mitchell runs down and sees Annie, who says she knows. She asks if Daisy was even involved. He says yeah, but it was his idea. She says that’s the most honest thing he’s said in months. She is heartbroken: “There was this cancer in between them and you let me fall in love with you.” She explains how she killed a vampire; she never killed even a fly before. “It spreads, Mitchell, what you’ve done is contaminated us all.” Annie tells him to turn himself in. She knows there’s still good in him from all the help he gave Sasha and Adam and Tom.  He says everything would be torn apart, the entire world. Annie says she’ll stay with him. Mitchell says it’s not about punishment, he wants to be punished, but it can’t happen like this. The police bang on the door. Mitchell tells her to get him out of there. If they arrest him, he’ll have to kill them all. She says he has to do this for her. The police burst in and he runs. He tells them to let him go or he kills everyone in this room. Annie begs for him to let this happen. He surrenders. Reed comes in and places him under arrest. He tells her she has no idea what she’s done. But he could be speaking to Annie, too. After he’s taken away, Reed goes back in the house and laughs, relieved. Then she thinks about the attic and asks if anyone’s checked. She goes up there and sees McNair’s body just before she’s attacked by Herrick.

Mitchell is brought into the station and the police heckle him. Mitchell tells the guy checking him in that he can’t do this, it can’t happen like this, not in Wales. Guy asks where Reed is; this is her collar, after all.

In the attic, Herrick is covered in blood as he leans down next to Reed’s body.

Nina and George walk home. Wolf gestations are shorter, so maybe that’s what’s happening, they speculate. They find the police tape and Nina says they’ve come for Mitchell. She reveals that she reported him and apologizes. George freaks out that they’ll take his photo. He says she’s put them all in danger and goes to get Mitchell from the station. Nina wants to come, but George says she’s going nowhere near him.

At the station, they fingerprint and DNA swab Mitchell. Guy says no one’s answering their radio at the house. And it’s time for Mitchell’s picture.

Nina enters the house, and calls out for anyone, but there’s no one. She doesn’t see the dead bodies in the living room. She goes to the kitchen and behind her is Herrick in a police outfit. He says he has something of a dilemma and we can tell by his voice that the old Herrick is back. She asks why he’s wearing that. He says that her boyfriend tore him, literally, limb from limb, so undignified. Nina realizes what’s happened as he grabs her by the throat. Herrick describes the pain, says he wants George to suffer now. For days, weeks, months; obviously, the best way is to kill her. His dilemma: she was kind to him. Her lets her go. “My quarrel is not with you,” he explains as he leaves. Nina breathes for a moment, but Herrick comes back in the side door and snaps her neck. NOOOO!!!!!!

The police fight with Mitchell to get him in place for his picture. As the camera flashes and takes his picture, he sighs “Oh, God.”

Nina’s (presumed) death is definitely one of the most shocking moments in this entire series for me. While it’s totally in character for Herrick as we knew him, I just didn’t think they’d lose Nina. While I’m sure they’ll find a way out of the whole “Mitchell’s arrest revealing the vampire world,” it does seem like there’s no way back from this point for the characters. I can’t wait to see what happens in the finale episode.

By Crystal Coleman

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