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Funtime Open Thread: Three of a Kind

This is one of my favorite games.  Each of the groups below has one word that can link all three words in the group.  For instance, the common link for “Baseball, ring, kite” would be “diamond” (baseball diamond, diamond ring, and a diamond-shaped kite).  See how many you can get, and feel free to contribute your own in the comments.

  1. Steering, color, Catherine
  2. Doll, Bear, Jane
  3. Bar, lab, kiss
  4. Moon, collar, down in the dumps
  5. Fields, ice cream, blonde
  6. Jam, necklace, Minnie
  7. Man, station, truck
  8. Black, woman, fish
  9. Black, Fog, glove
  10. Owl, clock, other

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8 replies on “Funtime Open Thread: Three of a Kind”

I am totally lost on your common threads, so I’m just going to comment on Tuesday television.

Glee – what in the hell was that? I have stuck by this show through some really terrible episodes, for the singing and jazz hands, but even my Glee-pologist ass can’t redeem this.

The New Girl – I’m on the fence. I want to like these people and their situations, but it gave me a twee toothache.  And I was twee twenty years before twee was a thing.

Raising Hope – Hilarious, much like last season, and a breath of fresh air among my fall TV watchings.  Martha Plimpton wins all the things.

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