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I Survived: The Missoni for Target Launch

For some reason, I keep finding myself in weird shopping situations.

In June, it was the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale. On Tuesday, it was the Missoni for Target release day. All I wanted was some toothpaste, but I ended up caught in the hysteria.

Before I get too into my tale, I just want to note that since I ordinarily write about TV, I was planning on writing about some of the fall shows I am most looking forward to. However, I discovered that two of the pilots air this week, so I’m going to hold off and do a review next week. Now, back to the story.

I knew the Missoni collection was coming out, having seen the commercials and print ads, but I didn’t realize it was on Tuesday. I like going to Target as early as possible, because otherwise the parking lot is a madhouse, so I arrived at my suburban Los Angeles store about 9. When I walked in, I saw the huge signs advertising the collection, and thought, Oh. Cool. I’ll check out what they have. I like stripes and zig zags, which the Italian design house is known for, so I figured I would find somethings I had to have.

Well, most of it was already in the carts of shoppers who had arrived before the store even opened. There were tons of people, milling about at the different Missoni stations around the store. One woman was slowly dragging three (!) carts through the store, filled to the brim with Missoni. Dishes, clothes, blankets, picture frames, accessories, rugs, and more. She had to push the two carts in front of her, then stop and pull the cart behind her.

There was a gaggle of women and a few men camped out in the bath department, waiting for more towels and bathmats to be stocked. I stuck around eavesdropping for awhile, because I was curious as to what these people wanted. It turned out some were waiting for a bike (why it was coming to the bath department, I don’t know) and others wanted more of the towels that had already sold out. There were quite a few items left: shower curtains, hand towels, etc., but I guess these people wanted more elusive products.

I bravely made my way through the crowd and walked over to the end cap to feel some of the towels. The quality was just not to my liking. I don’t know, maybe I’m weird but I like my towels to not feel like sandpaper, and that’s exactly how these felt. I spent about five seconds touching one of the towels, when some woman snottily said, “Excuse me!“ and proceeded to grab the same towel that I was touching. All right then.

The funny thing about spending some time in that section was I found two types of people: the friendly ones who knew what they were doing (stalking Target employees for towels with zig zags on them, which was kind of ridiculous), and the super serious ones who eyed everyone with suspicion, as if they were going to be the one to take the stuff they wanted once it came out. A few people had introduced themselves to each other, chatting about what they wanted and how early they had gotten there. The other ones just glared.

The clothing section was less crowded, although most of the people there were pushy. One older woman said, “I have no idea what this brand is, but my sister told me to come get things in her size,” as she grabbed at anything she could get her hands on. Another shouted into her phone, “I don’t even know what city I am in! I just came here because I thought no one else would!” Apparently, I live in a shit hole. (I still wish I had said some comeback under my breath; that comment really pissed me off.)

The kitchen section was not crowded, and there was just one couple in the tiny men’s section. The stationery was virtually wiped out, and sadly, so was luggage. Not that I could really afford to spend $150 or whatever on a suitcase when mine is in perfectly good shape, but for some reason, I just love buying luggage. Maybe the idea of someday going on a cool trip with said luggage makes me happy.

There weren’t hundreds of people like at some stores, no fights broke out, and no elbows were thrown (at least to my knowledge). While it wasn’t as cutthroat as Victoria’s Secret had been, the atmosphere was still off. There was an odd sense of urgency, and even anxiety. I didn’t like it, and was ready to go after about 30 minutes of wandering around.

I ended up buying some pretty cool Christmas gifts, though, including an eternity scarf for one of my sisters, a cardigan and matching top for my mom, and a cardigan and knee socks for my niece. For myself, I snagged a wide brimmed felt hat, cardigan, socks, sweater box, and scarf. If I put my items on eBay like the re-sellers who are asking $130 for $29 shoes, I could probably earn enough money to buy an actual Missoni item. Until then, I’ll just rock my $24.99 hat.

By Catherine

Catherine is a Southern California based freelance writer, whose work has appeared in everything from the New York Times to Entertainment Weekly. The highlight of her life (so far) was being featured on MSNBC for a story she wrote on Hello Kitty wines...she knew one day her love of all things HK would come in handy.

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That was pretty much all there was when I did a sweep of the store just now, on my mission to find a dozen NON broken eggs. Little girls’ rainboots, and then I saw some little girls’ sweater vests that were cute if I were little girl-sized or had a little girl, and a pair of headbands that really underwhelmed me. Black and tan alternating zig zags and a solid black headband. I really like the infinity scarves I saw online, so maybe I’ll wait for those to come back in stock online and get that. I also liked pictures of vases that other people bought. I am addicted to chevron anyway, so.

I was in Target yesterday and all the Missoni stuff was still pretty much there. It was cute stuff, but the quality was subpar for the price, in my opinion. I think it would be easier to just get the stuff online than to go to the store. I always semi-annual shop online instead of in VS, because it’s just madness, and my size is obscure anyway, so the stores rarely have it.

I found the quality reallllly hit or miss. The scarves I bought were so nice, but the shoes felt cheap. The towels weren’t soft, but the socks were. The problem with going online was, so many people tried to do it that it overloaded the system. Otherwise, online totally would have been the way to go, and is definitely the way to go when it comes to the VS sale!

I think I’ll wait a couple weeks and check out the online store again… not much is there right now, haha. Some of it is really cute — I loved the scarves! Wasn’t too sure about that jumpsuit, though… dunno if you saw it in your store, but I saw it online. *shudder*

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