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It’s a Three Day Weekend in This Open Thread

We’ll be back Tuesday, so until then you can all get a little rowdy in this open thread.  I’ll shut up now, so you can get to that. Happy Weekend!

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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It was a plain old two-day weekend where I am (more’s the pity) but I did have a good weekend.

My grown-up niece stayed over on Saturday night and we went out for dinner and a movie (Captain America, which was awesome!). Sunday we lazed around in bed all day, watching TV and playing with my two cats. The cats loved having my niece there and pretty much ignored me and showered her with attention. Ungrateful bastards.

It’s Tuesday now and I really don’t want to be at work. I’m longing to leave. I get like this sometimes, just unable to handle being around people and their questions and wants and needs. I need my bed, books and cats.

Plans for the long weekend?

(Yes, I know, I post one of these almost every weekend, and then no-one replies, but c’mon people! Let us know what fun stuff you’re doing!)

Personally, I am sitting home with my dog. Picked her up from the surgeon’s today (she had to have an abcess from an ear infection removed, as well as [hopefully] the rest of her inner ear [we find out in a few weeks if it either is fine or keeps making earwax]). My day so far has involved sitting on my bed and reading, and will soon involve sitting on the couch playing video games.

Oh, and also cleaning her ear after every time we go outside, and Lysoling her cone, and making sure she gets her meds, and carrying her around places because she hates walking with the cone, and not leaving her unattended because she can totally remove the cone if she feels dedicated enough.

They really are great dogs. A little quirky, but generally have big-dog personalities (a lot of confidence), without being as high-energy as some of the other terriers (like jack russels). I mean, we still have to walk about a mile a day to keep her energy levels in a good place, but it’s broken up into four walks around the block a day (with one of those a mile-long walk two or three times a week). They are also very smart. Annie loooooves learning new tricks.

So, yeah… if someone can put up with the quirks (nesting, sometimes hiding treats, rubbing themselves on the carpet…) and energy levels, I highly recommend them as a breed.

I had to go into work for a little while today, but now I’m home and starting A Feast for Crows. I plan to cook myself a healthy dinner, like a grownup, and then tomorrow, I’m doing absolutely nothing at all, except maybe a little cleaning up around the house.

I’m very exciting.

I just got back from a three-day weekend holiday with the boyfriend. And lo, there was a four-poster bed in the hotel, and it was good.

Not looking forward to going in to work tomorrow though, terrible feeling I fecked something up before I left…

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