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It’s the Weekend Open Thread! Now With 100% More Unicorn.

Good Friday evening, Persephoneers. You’ve made it through another week. It’s time to kick back in the open thread and play with the new comment formatting gadgets. No, you will never be allowed to change the font color. I love you all too much to give you that power.

We’ll be running a special thread starting at 12:01 Sunday morning for our readers to talk about the anniversary of 9/11. We thought the best way to pay our respects to the people we lost that day was to sit back and let you tell your stories from that day. We’ll be dark on Monday, as well, but this thread and the anniversary thread will both be up the whole time.

We’ll be back on Tuesday with a full schedule for the rest of the week, and it’s stacking up to be full of great content.



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8 replies on “It’s the Weekend Open Thread! Now With 100% More Unicorn.”

Sunday evening and I’m coming up on my sixth hour of schoolwork-doing. Ugh, readings.

On the whole, though, this weekend has been pretty okay- went out Friday night, hit up an anti-biphobia event, went to a drag show, then made out with a gorgeous redhead at a lesbian bar. Felt like the poser bi girl in the room full of older Very Serious Lesbians. Whatever, makeouts are A+.

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