Jammin’ on My Planner

I’m a dork. I really am. And I’m also – or perhaps in conjunction – a perfectionist, a detail person, and a planner. A major league, every last detail, I used to make half-hourly grid charts for each day of the week and fill them completely in, PLANNER.

And this year, I finally found a pre-printed planner that I love. It’s the MyAgenda planner from MomAgenda (Mom-centric stuff not included). Each two pages (facing one another) is a week, with plenty of writing space and the ability to format and classify areas of your life or sections of your day – I like the potential for students to designate a section of each day to different classes, for instance – and I am just in planner heaven.

I know they’re not for everyone; my fiancé, for instance, can’t stand to even estimate what time he’ll be home from work, much less put in (sometimes tedious) writing what he’ll be doing for the next week. But me? I worship the planner. For me, it’s a space not just to keep things organized and contextual; it’s also a place to dream, build, and transform mere idealized plans into practical steps I can take to achieve the things I want to achieve. Phew. I know. I overthink this a bit. But seriously! I love a planner.

Right now, my planner has an overhead appointments/errands/notes to self section for each day, and then a daily section for each of the following: Body, Home, Mind, and Deadlines. In Deadlines, I write everything from work obligations to Persephone articles I need to turn in; now that I’m planning my wedding next year in earnest, I have rough deadlines scratched in for that event, too.

In the “Mind” section I keep a to-read list of books, and the occasional cultural or intellectual event I want to attend. This is definitely more goal-oriented than necessity drive, but I like to think of my life as well-balanced between the two.

In the “Home” section, I have cleaning tasks broken up evenly across the week so it doesn’t get overwhelming, and jot notes to myself for grocery lists or things that need to be replaced or that I’d like to improve around the house. Anything I promise my fiancé I’ll do on his behalf goes in this section, too.

Finally, in the “Body” section, I have my exercising schedule (when I was going to the gym, I had gym days written in; now that I’m exercising at home I’ve used this as a way to provide structure to my exercise habits so that I don’t get too repetitious or lazy) as well as my exercise incentives list, a schedule for walking the family dog, reminders to do things like shave my legs (I do sincerely forget but also sincerely enjoy the feeling of my own smooth legs), and finally, dinner meal plans.

I’ve been informed before that these habits make me sound more obnoxious than words can express. I get it; this is tedium. But… I flourish in tedium. This stuff matters to me because it’s the stuff that makes up my life, and I want to be good at my life. Really good. Keeping a planner, putting time and care and forethought into the structure of my days, allows me to do that.

Are you a planner geek? How do you use yours? Why do you like it?

By Meghan Young Krogh

Meghan had a number of quality writing mentors over the course of her education, which just goes to show that you can't blame the teacher for the way the student turns out. Team Oxford Comma represent.

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I’m a Google calendar kind of girl. I have about six or seven colors going on at any given time, and a lot of alerts make my iphone vibrate each day as events come up. I LOVE IT.  Well, I love it when it’s not too overwhelming. The past two weeks have been booked solid with random appointments and deadlines. But it’s nice to know that I’ve got it all in one safe spot!

I think you might *be* Leslie Knope ;)

I’m not a huge “jammin’ on my planner” kinda gal, but I do love my diary. I won’t countenance any other than the Mslexia writer’s diary (a page a week, with a page opposite for notes/things to remember that week/my budget and what I’ve spent). While it always ends up pretty messy and I’d never break it down into sections or anything, it does help me stay organized. My mum doesn’t have a diary, and seriously I don’t know how she gets through life. Also, I think keeping track of the small stuff is important. I know I only feel motivated to do so when I’m not in a depressive slump, suggesting it’s an important part of self-care (as that’s what starts to go to hell when I’m depressed as all get out). If you can  keep up that enthusiasm year-round, I salute you.

I need a planner too! While I am not as organized as you, it is essential to me, especially for school. I also will put sticky notes on pages. My best agendas have the week spread on two pages, and a monthly layout before the month starts. I can’t explain it well, sorry.

Also, I too forget to shave my legs. Oh well. That’s what pants are for. :)

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