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Kids! Welcome back to Ladyblogs. So wonderful to be sharing some awesome blogs with all sixteen of you. I kid. I think. Nonetheless, we are highlighting a mixed bag, the running theme being simply brainy, enjoyable blogs worth your time and attention. Thoughtful or hilarious, these blogs are bound to delight in the best way possible.

Girl w/ Pen! A collective effort run by a myriad of contributors, covering topics ranging from feminism, queer visibility, sexuality, gender, and many more. This brainy blog bridges both research and reality, all in an accessible way. Articles worth reading? Check out Virginia Rutter’s “Nice Work: This is What Heteronormativity Looks Like” and Judith Avory Faucette’s “Relating Radically: Do Women Regret Relationships More than Men?”

When Fangirls Attack! A take-down of gender in comics, Fangirls is another collective bridging the love of comics with a critical eye towards the less savory aspects of the genre. Linking other essays, as well as creating their own, the site offers plenty to crunch on. Check out “How Sexism Operates in Comics,” a linked piece by Miss Very Very on when the personal meets the politicial meets the superhero.

Heroine Content.  Concentrating on feminist and anti-racist thoughts and, well, just highlighting folks kicking ass, Heroine Content reviews films, graphic novels and TV fandom. While still on a bit of a summer break, there’s plenty to check out until the crew is back. Buffy fans and Firefly rejoice ““ reviews abound, and it doesn’t stop there. The books and graphic novels section is a hell of a read too.

The F-Word. The F-word? All of them?  I’m there. Concentrating on food, fat, and feminism, The F-Word is all about the intersections between seemingly stigmatized f-words (and there are a lot). While the site is currently on a blogging break, there are plenty of archived pieces to check out until the blog’s main writers Rachel Richardson, Greta Gleissner, and Charlynn Schmiedt get back. A piece that has been on my mind all week? “Fasting for God or Holy Anorexia,” which is on the grey areas of fasting for faith and fasting as a cover for disordered eating.

The Border House. Gamers unite! A blog that considers itself inclusive to all gamers, The Border House is a no-holds-barred spot for both the love of gaming, as well as the hatred for all its faults. A piece that everyone and their mom should read? “Did she just money-shot herself with his neck-blood?” (suggested alternative title: “The conflation of violence and sex in video games, how it manifests in the “˜femme fatale’ character trope, and how this conflation works to serve patriarchal fantasies of women and violence: a male perspective”). You won’t regret it.

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