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Ladyghosts of TV Past: Battlestar Galactica 2.03: “Fragged”

Before we get to Previously on Battlestar Galactica, I’d like to mention that if you are one of the lucky few who get BBCAmerica, they’ve been running random BSG episodes recently. I’m betting it’s a tie-in to the ever-so-lovely Jamie Bamber currently starring on Law & Order UK, coupled with the Doctor Who love of everything outer-spacey, but my point is, if you wanted to see some BSG, and don’t have Netflix or similar, and have scruples re: illegal downloading, catch it on BBC America.

Anyway. Previously, on Battlestar Galactica, Tigh reaffirms that Adama is still in command, and he’s going to survive; Tyrol and the others are STILL stuck on Kobol; President Roslin is amping up her medication, but still hiding her illness from everyone; and we’ve lost both Socinus AND Tarn on Kobol, due to Crashdown’s poor leadership skills.

We open on Kobol, with Chief Tyrol saying a funeral service over the buried bodies of Socinus and Tarn ““ both of whom were his men, part of the deck crew. Head Six informs us that no heaven or any sort of afterlife awaits them, because they died on Kobol. Balthar is getting a bit tetchy. While Tyrol had hung the dogtags of the fallen men above their graves, Crashdown takes them as they move out, leaving the graves unmarked.

There’s an interesting bit of power play happening between Tyrol and Crashdown that’s been building for the past few episodes. Crashdown, as a fighter pilot and officer, ranks higher than Tyrol, but has very few leadership responsibilities in his daily life. Tyrol, on the other hand, runs the hangar deck on a daily basis, and is clearly much better at making decisions and being in charge. The majority of the stranded crew seem to be Tyrol’s people as well, so he clearly feels some responsibility for them.

But I digress. The Chief has spotted Cylons! They are dismantling the crashed Raptor, and using it to build a missile battery, which gives the Cylons the ability to blow the whole valley to hell ““ and all of our friends along with it.

Back on Galactica, Doc Cottle has FINALLY ARRIVED. Where the hell ya been, doc?! Seriously, why did you not show up last episode? But now you’re here and you’re yelling, and we’re going to give you some plot exposition ““ Adama’s been shot, they operated, but he’s still hemorrhaging internally somewhere.

Only now we have the credits?! My goodness. This seems to be a recap full of capslock and interrobang, so I’m just gonna run with that.

So Doc Cottle’s operating, and is even grouchier than usual. Tigh is watching in the background, freaking out. He leaves sick bay and takes a swig from his ankle flask, when he is surprised by Billy, the President’s assistant. Why isn’t Billy in the brig with the President? Because no one put him in there.  Tigh continues to CIC, where Lee is planning the search and rescue for the crew stranded on Kobol. Lieutenant Gaeta is hovering around on behalf of the press, who Tigh is apparently holding hostage. Also, the Quorum of Twelve would like to land. Rough day at the office, Tigh?

Down in the Brig, President Roslin awakes with a scream that genuinely just made me jump. She is not doing well, as she’s going through withdrawal from the chamalla extract she was taking for her cancer. Billy’s tried to talk to both Cottle and Tigh about getting the president more medicine, but so far, no luck.

On Kobol, Baltar visits Head Six in his Head Apartment, contemplating the futility of war. Head Six tells Baltar that even though all they do is kill each other, God wants to offer them salvation, via their child, provided Baltar is willing to take on the role of the child’s guardian and father. Six warns Baltar that the time is coming that he is going to have to act like a man.

Outside of Baltar’s head, we find the Cylons are building an anti-aircraft battery, to be used against the Raptors that come searching for the stranded crew. On Galactica, they are in the midst of planning that very mission. Tigh is suddenly very aware that WE’VE GOT MEN DOWN ON THAT FRAKKING PLANET, though presumably he’s also concerned about Cally and Seelix as well. Who knows, though, really. He’s pretty drunk. Which is great, because it’s time to go talk to the Quorum of Twelve and justify Adama’s decision to put Roslin in the brig. Tom Zarek is there, asking the hard questions, and demanding immediate access to President Roslin, a motion unanimously passed by the rest of the Quorum. Speaking of President Roslin, she’s paid a visit by Ellen Tigh, who can tell that Roslin’s OUT OF IT. As soon as Ellen leaves, though, Roslin regains awareness, and knows she’s kinda frakked. Our dear prison guard starts praying fervently.

On Kobol, they’re staking out the Cylons who are building the anti-aircraft weaponry. Baltar, surprising to no one, is a bad spy, and guesses about what he saw. Crashdown explains to Baltar that he’ll be wielding a weapon, and they’re going to attack the Cylons. Tyrol pulls Crashdown aside, and Seelix, Baltar, and Cally all point out that they are woefully unprepared for this. Cally, it turns out, just joined the military to pay for dental school. And now she’s fighting Cylons. This tidbit about her always stuck with me.

Meanwhile, Tyrol is trying to talk Crashdown out of attacking the Cylons. It’s going POORLY, and Crashdown’s being quite the jackass. Still, he’s carrying on planning the attack, using some of his officer training. Baltar breaks down, calling for a vote on the attack plan, and it is Tyrol who forcefully explains to him that Crashdown outranks everyone, and he’s in command. Crashdown resumes his graphed-out plan of attack.

In Galactica’s brig, President Roslin is babbling about the scrolls of Pythia, according to our dear prison guard. The prison guard is from Gemenon, where they believe the literal truth of the scriptures. Billy has found a way to get chamalla, and it is through our dear prison guard.

In Tigh’s room, Ellen explains that Roslin’s lost it.  Ellen truly is the best Lady Macbeth since, well, Lady Macbeth. She suggests they let the Quorum see the President, so they can see how far she’s come unhinged.

The search and rescue mission is underway, and on Kobol, Cally’s practicing how to fire her weapon. (I think? I know less than nothing about guns.) In Baltar’s Head Apartment, Head Six informs him that one of them will betray the rest during the attack. And oh, if the attack fails, you’ll all die, because God turned his back on Kobol. Snap out of your Head Apartment, Baltar, it’s time to battle! (Is it a battle if it’s 6-on-6? That’s not even a soccer game.)

Tigh is wasted, and tells Dualla (who has been a saint, putting up with Tigh’s drunken nonsense all episode) that the Quorum’s going to see their President.

In the rescue mission, they’ve located the downed raptor, and the Cylons have built a pretty impressive-looking weapons launcher. There are now 5 Cylons at the launcher, which means there are more Cylons than expected. The stranded crew hear spaceships entering the atmosphere, meaning their rescue is here ““ and soon will be vulnerable to Cylon attack. Crashdown orders the attack plan into motion, but Cally freezes. Crashdown, displaying the worst judgement thusfar, points a gun at Cally’s head, threatening to shoot her if she doesn’t go “create a diversion.” Just as the tension reaches a boiling point, Baltar shoots Crashdown! Surprise! HAND OF GOD. Or not, because God has abandoned Kobol? But either way, Crashdown’s dead, and, oh, the Cylons heard the gunfire. As Baltar scrambles by Crashdown’s body, Head Six appears and tells informs him he’s now a man. Ugh.

Galactica’s Raptors are 5 minutes away, but on the ground, it’s open fire. Seelix sustains a flesh wound, and Cally ““ who is clearly brave when it is logical to be ““ helps her to safety. Sort-of safety. Tyrol gets shot in the arm, Baltar just keeps shooting at things, and the Raptors can be seen overhead, and they’re being tracked by the anti-aircraft technology. Tyrol, despite being shot, still manages to take out the dradis for the missiles, meaning they can’t lock on the raptor’s position ““ he’s essentially accomplished Crashdown’s plan, albeit without taking out any Cylons. Said unshot Cylons are currently shooting like mad at our remaining crew. Tyrol clearly has decided to go for a blaze-of-glory move, and stands up and starts shooting back. The Cylons go up in a huge fireball, and Tyrol stares at his gun for just a second before realizing there’s a Raptor behind him.  They’re saved! Cue the emotional music!

Back on Galactica, Tigh is showing the Quorum into Roslin’s cell. Roslin appears to be out of it, and they’re about to leave, when Roslin makes a statement, reaffirming that everything she has done is logical, and they are on the road to Earth, in accordance with the scrolls of Pythia. President Roslin then announces that she is the dying leader ““ she has breast cancer, and only a few months left to live. She pledges to spend the rest of her life leading the people to salvation, and the Quorum come forward to take her by the hand, as one would worship a prophet.

Down on Kobol (will we ever have a plot that takes place in one location!?) Tyrol hands over the dogtags of the crew who fell on Kobol. Baltar claims that Crashdown died “leading the charge,” a noble death. Tyrol confirms, saying he was a hero. Oh revisionist history! Head Six is proud of Gaius.

In Sick Bay, Cottle is having a well-deserved smoke, and announces that Adama will live. Tigh, for reasons that presumably can only be found at the bottom of a bottle, chooses to declare martial law, and dissolve the Quorum of Twelve.

And scene. Get excited for Selena, taking on Resistance next week! It is a good one, and full of Hot Hot Helo, whose presence was sorely missed this week.

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