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LTP: 09/23/11

I have a very serious question for you today. Which goes better on french fries: ketchup or mayonnaise?  

This is an ongoing debate between my friend Robbie and me. He is a mayonnaise lover. He doesn’t just put it on french fries, he puts it on everything. He would probably eat mayonnaise-covered mayonnaise if he could get away with it. And he hates ketchup. I, on the other hand, will eat almost anything if it has ketchup, but I abhor mayonnaise unless it has been mixed with hard-boiled eggs and a little mustard. I doubt we will ever be able to settle our debate, since neither of us is willing to try the other’s preferred condiment, but we have managed to look past our differences and remain friends.Hamburger and french fries on a plate.

By [E]SaraB

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12 replies on “LTP: 09/23/11”

As a french fry connoisseur I think it depends on the fries. Ketchup is my standard dip but sometimes I prefer ailoi, sometimes ranch, also mixing Tabasco sauce in ketchup rules.Buffalo wing sauce works quite nicely as well. Marinara sauce and fries is also delicious. I had an order of fries over the summer with a  truffle oil,jack cheese and bechamel I am now excited to try this vinegar  you are all talking about. I have never seen anyone eat fries in that way although I am aware of its existence.

With all that being said, if I had to choose, team ketchup is for me. Also, a side note on the increasingly popular sweet potato fry. They are good and I will eat them, with pleasure, however when they put traditional fries out of work on a menu it pisses me off.

If I had to choose between only those two, I’d say ketchup.  But really, I’d rather have some honey mustard for my fries.  And I really can’t see how mayonnaise would be good on fries, but then again my friend Victor is still trying to convince me that it’s the best when slathered on corn on the cob. *shudders*

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