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LTP: 9/15

I got glasses in the third grade. By the fourth grade, my vision was so bad I had to wear them all the time. I don’t remember life when I didn’t have to reach for my glasses in the morning to see the clock next to my bed. In the ninth grade, I got contact lenses. My eyes watered for a few days, but I loved them from the moment I put them in (which is a good thing, because in 1987, my gas permeable lenses set my parents back over $250).

So today’s question is- glasses or contacts? Or a combination? Or laser surgery?

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I love my glasses.  I always have.  It’s like a whole new realm of accessorizing.  However, I do have the luxury of going without my glasses.  My vision is good, I just have a very bad astigmatism, so I usually only NEED my glasses after dark or if I am doing detail work and want to see anything more than twelve inches away from my face.

Got my first glasses before I was out of preschool, contacts when I was sixteen. I definitely see better with contacts and I like the illusion that my eyesight is normal. Unfortunately, my eyes are too bad for surgery to correct them, so I’m stuck with some kind of VERY EXPENSIVE corrective lenses for life.

Glasses since I was 3; contacts in 10th grade. I now wear my contacts for out of the house and my glasses in the house. Something about the dry air at home irritates my eyes, plus after a day of wearing my contacts, my eyes need a little rest.

I’m totally, completely blind. I’d be legally blind, except that my lenses can correct me to 20/40 or so, and that number gets better as the technology does. But I have a -9.25 correction in one eye and a -7.75 in the other (which, my eye doctor estimates is somewhere around 20/900; I can’t ever see the big ‘E’ on the chart), so my glasses are pretty damn thick. Hence, contacts. Because I’m vain.

Glasses since pre-school.  I tried contacts briefly when I was sixteen, waaay back in the ’80s, and I had to get hard lenses b/c of astigmatism.  My eye doctor said my eyelids fit too tightly to my eyes (I know, right?) so I couldn’t look straight out of them, I had to tilt my head up or down and look out of the top or bottom of the lens. I walked into a lot of shit.  (I do that anyway, but it was worse with contacts.)

I always wanted to wear those huge, glam sunglasses, but I use a baseball cap to keep the sun out of my eyes.  I’m a total rom-com “before” with my glasses, frizzy ponytail and cap.

Glasses since first grade (when I started saying I needed glasses right after my sister got hers, my mom assumed I just wanted them because she had them – then she felt horrible when I went to school and the nurse sent me home with a note that said to have my eyes checked.)   I have tried contacts two different times – first in the early ’80s, and again in the late ’80s/early ’90s.   I am so nonfunctional in the mornings, and putting my (soft) contacts in added just a ridiculous amount of time to my morning prep time; eventually I just gave up on them entirely.  

And Lasik still freaks me out too much.

I’m pretty much glasses all the time now. I started wearing them in 5th grade, switched to contacts in 9th grade, and then switched back during my sophomore year of college when my couldn’t take the long hours of contact wearing any more. Lately I’ve been considering going back to contacts, but the last time I tried that no one recognized me for over an hour. It was weird.

Glasses. I have incredibly sensitive eyes – it took me over a decade of cooking with the damn things regularly for my eyes to adjust to cutting onions and garlic, and even now it stings way more dramatically for me than I hear other people report – and I could just never adjust to the contacts. Not even the breathable ones, not even the soft lenses, not even for only a few hours a day (and really, if you only wear them for a few hours a day, what’s the point?) So I have worn glasses since I was 14, daily, and am blind-as-a-bat without them.

Got glasses in grade 9. Occasionally wear contacts, for swimming or dancing, etc.

I went for laser consultation last November, but really felt bait and switched on the cost (think more than ten times the advertised price!) … plus they pushed the sale REAL hard … plus plus I was totally not comfortable with losing my close-up vision which they poopoo-ed and that irritated me … AND — even though they jacked the cost and were pushing how great it was — they told me I would only be glasses free for about 5-8 years. Basically, laser eye surgery can suck it.

I’m waiting for a non surgical magic fix.

I got glasses in 5th grade and contacts in 8th grade and it’s been contacts since then.  I wear glasses when I’m just sitting around at home sometimes, but I actually kind of feel disoriented when I wear glasses.  It’s the same prescription as my contacts but I feel like I can’t see as well.

I’m on my last pair of contacts right now and one of them has been bugging me every time I’ve put it in. But I don’t have optical insurance so I’ve been avoiding going back to the eye dr, so it might be glasses until I get insurance.

I got all-the-time glasses in the second grade. I did wear contacts for a little while my senior year of high school and at the start of college, but it was too much of a hassle. (My schedule was so busy, I’d sometimes end up wearing them for eighteen hours at a stretch, and my eyes got all irritated and dried out.) Since then, I’m back to glasses. And honestly, at this point I think my face looks funny without them.

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